What Brian Bonar Can Do For Your Business

At times, managing a business can be a difficult task. One needs to manage suppliers, clients, and staff members. If the three are not managed well, then the business may not do well. Do you have struggles managing your small or medium sized business?

If yes, then you need to consider Trucept. Trucept is a firm that assists small and medium sized business to manage their payroll, employee benefits, and their human resources. They evaluate the work climate of the enterprise and suggest methods that can work for the particular firm. It also offers both short-term and long-term staffing solutions.

Who is Brian Bonar?

According to Whitepages, Brian Bonar is not only a well-known finance executive but also the leader of Trucept. His success can be linked to his strong technical background. He attended James Watt Technical College and attained a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering. Read more: Brian Bonar’s Pics, Phone, Email, Address, Public Records

Bonar’s determination could not allow him to stop there; he went ahead and studied for his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Stafford University.

Brian Bonar builds business structures that last and is a great team leader. He has a strong foundation in finance matters, having been a leader in other companies such as Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Previously, Brian Bonar had worked at PRNewsWire as the procurement manager and later worked at QMS as the Director of Engineering. After QMS, he went to Adaptec where he worked as a sales manager. At this, point, Brian had enough experience and thus established Bezier Systems. He continued to work for other firms before joining Dalrada and now Trucept.

His vast experience has enabled him to view the finance sector with a legendary approach. Over the years, he has mastered how to succeed in mergers and acquisitions. During his undertakings, he takes into consideration creativity, personal approach to issues, technical know-how, and suspected trends of achieving great results.  Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://mg2.com/about/people/brian-bonar/

When Brian Bonar is not assisting clients manage their payrolls or manage their risks at Trucept, you will find him playing golf, boat riding, or spending time with his beautiful family. Brian Bonar received the Who’s who American award in 2000.