Neurocore is a neurological research group that was developed to better understand the brain of those with normal function versus those with psychological problems. Through brain scans and other testing the research group was able to conclude that the brains of people with these problems actually had differences in how the brain was working. But the group didn’t think this to be a permanent problem as it looked as if all parts of the brain could function just fine but it wasn’t functioning the way it should. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

So the group looked heavily into brain training as that is something that has been proven already to increase focus, and mental stability. But they knew in order for something like that to work they would have to develop their own training exercises to return the brain back to normal and that it could look different for every patient. The Neurocore took years developing these methods testing them on patients every time to see what work best for which problems and so forth. All patients that participated in the research received some benefit of not having their problem as severe when they left.


But the group got proof that specialized brain training can return the brain back to normal but it had to be specific to that patient and the problem they have. Now since they have proven that the group opened up two clinics to treat people with great response even though insurance wouldn’t pay for the treatment. Now years down the road the group has the funding to open up more clinics in the country and is working hard to get their treatment to be the standard practice for patients instead of jumping right into giving the patient drugs. While the patient has to work hard for their treatment as well it is a truly effective treatment that is long lasting without all the side effects from drugs that don’t give the brain better function but let the patient feel better during their day so that they don’t have to think about the condition in which they have. The group is also working hard to get their treatment approved by health insurance companies so that they may treat even more people. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.