Emily McClure And Her Wen Experiment

Chaz Dean is the founder of Wen conditioning shampoos. Dean was an individual that was always interested in beauty and fashion. Dean started off his career as a photographer, and as he got more into the industry, he realized what things made people look attractive. One of the main things that was important was hair. Because of that fact, Dean decided that he wanted to get into the haircare field. Dean went to school to be a cosmetologist, and he was very successful in the field of cosmetology. Soon Dean was working with some very important names. After his move to Los Angeles, Dean began working with companies to create hair care products.

Chaz Dean realized that one of the biggest issues with hair products was that they would strip hair of its natural oils. Dean wanted to be able to create a hair product that would replenish hair while at the same time cleanse it. Dean created Wen cleansing conditioner. It is a series of different types of hair cleansers that also work as conditioners. The Wen cleansing system leaves hair feeling cleansed and refreshed at the same time. Many women and men alike love using Wen in their haircare regiment.

Emily McClure from the Bustle did an experiment with Wen cleansing conditioner. McClure is an individual that has fine hair, and she wanted to see if the infomercials were true. McClure decided to use Wen haircare products for seven days. McClure lives a very busy life, and at the end of the day she usually washes her hair. The first day she used WEN cleansing conditioner she was surprised by the amount of product that she had to use on her hair. McClure followed the directions and ended up with shiny and bouncy hair.

The next seven days proved to be interesting, because McClure never received the same results. For some days she felt like her roots were greasy, and other days she felt like her hair was shiny and healthy. McClure received compliments from facebook friends and family about the look of her hair, and that definitely boosted her confidence in the product. In the end, Mcclure does believe that WEN products are available through ebay, and she believes that Wen is a cleansing conditioner that she will definitely keep in her shower.