The End Citizen United’s Support Of Leaders Who Yearn For Change

The political condition in the United States has been affected by the constant status quo that affects the country. The politicians only care about things which favor their sides. As others want to change, others want things to remain the way they are. Dissatisfaction has been expressed by the citizens on how the political decisions are made. In the end, it is the common citizens that suffer the consequences of the decision made. When there are cases of divided opinions, some of the decisions made by the politicians are not satisfactory. The political situations have been made such that the leaders only support the people that took them to power. There are masters who want status quo as the citizens want change. In the end, the voices of the citizens can hardly be heard because of the difficulty to go against the part principles.

The role of the End Citizen United
Eventually, it is the public that would suffer if bad policies are enacted. For this reason, a group of citizens who yearn for change created an organization where the voices of the citizens can be heard. There are chances that without action from the citizens, nothing will change in the political arena anytime soon. Common citizens have suffered the consequences of bad governance and the End Citizen United has come up to stand for the right thing. Normally, staging demonstrations do not help the country. The pleas of the citizens have never been considered through this way. The organization has resorted to the use of Congress and the Senate to change how things are done in the country. It is possible to present the feelings of the people if the people themselves have the power to make the necessary changes in the political areas.


The funding of the End Citizen United
The End Citizen United does not receive any funding from the established organizations. The funding has been restricted to the citizens of goodwill. When the organization had its inception in 2015, there was very little that it could accomplish because of its low popularity. The public did not understand the intentions of the organization and how it would bring changes to the political arena. In the end, the organization was only successful in sponsoring the people that it could.

The tussle between the Democrats and the Republicans
There is a current struggle between the Democrats and the Republicans on how different policies can be implemented. The Republicans have different ideas on which policies can be tabled at the congress and the Senate. The End Citizen United has equally considered most of the policies that the majority requires. In the last elections, the Organization sponsored the Democrats to the Congress, and the results have been seen.

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