3 Basic Steps To Hair Care

Healthy looking hair is essential, it’s the first thing people notice about you. Let’s face it, we all want to look as if we just left the salon. But what do you do if you cannot afford to go to the beauty shop? What if I can show you how to do a basic hair regimen that you can do from the comfort of your own home. It can fit within your budget and all it will take is a visit from to your local beauty supply store.


The first step in the routine is to choose a good shampoo. Look for a good moisturizing shampoo and use it at least once a week. I recommend Wen products. You can even purchase some shampoos with the deep conditioner included. It gives the hair, shine, body and adds more bounce to it. When shampooing pay close attention to massaging and cleaning the scalp, use circular motions, allowing the suds to work its way through to the end of your hair. Once done, rinse thoroughly.


Make sure to follow with a deep conditioner. Focus on ONLY the scalp and not the hair. Have a large, wide, tooth comb on hand to get maximum coverage. If your hair is dry, I suggest looking for a conditioner designed for dry/and or damaged hair. They contain the necessary ingredients needed to keep your hair in good health.

Wen Hair Care carries a Deluxe Kit that includes a unique cleansing conditioner with a 5-in-1 formula. It comes with conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner and is not that expensive to purchase. If you can afford it, it is worth it. Your hair will love you for it.

The question is often asked, how often should you deep condition your hair? Chaz Dean says there is no right or wrong answer as it depends on how dry your hair is. If you have a hair routine in place and use a leave in conditioner, I recommend a deep conditioner at least once a week; especially if you apply heat to your hair.

Hair Date

The coming and going about of our daily lives keeps us all busy and it’s easy to forget about taking care of our hair. Just as we take care of our bodies, we should also take care of our hair. I recommend setting a certain day that fit into our schedule to shampoo and deep condition your hair. It is a good way to ensure that your hair gets the necessary attention that it need and not be a problem in the future.

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Never Shampoo in 2017 With Wen

No Poo With WEN Hair CareThere is a new trend in hair care to watch out for. More and more women are talking about reversing the order of their hair care in the shower. Instead of shampooing first and then conditioning, many professionals are recommending that you condition first and then shampoo. Why? Because it is supposed to be better for your hair, leaving your hair with less heavy residue.

However, this is not addressing the problem of said ‘residue’ in the first place! Why use a product in your hair that leaves behind residue anyways? And why use conditioner at all if it needs to be shampooed out after using it? It makes no sense. It’s a waste of money and time.

Wen is a different kind of hair care product. It is formulated specifically to condition and clean hair with just one amazing product. It is a detangler, a shampoo, a conditioner, a deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner all in one bottle. It nourishes and cleanses hair making it healthier, adding shine, and making it more manageable. Your hair will be more beautiful than it has ever been before. It does not strip your hair of its natural oils or leave any nasty residue behind.

Wen cleansing conditioner is formulated with all natural ingredients that have an added bonus of smelling fabulous! It includes chamomile, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract and panthenol. The Sweet Almond Mint conditioning cleanser is sulfate free and will not lather away your hair’s natural oils.

You simply wet your hair and massage in a dollop of Wen cleansing conditioner. Leave it in your hair for the rest of your shower and then simply rinse it out. Wen is gentle enough that you can use it every day! There are some other amazing products that work in with each other giving you the best hair of your life.

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