Can Waiakea Water Prevent & Defend?

On a recent trip I was introduced to Waiakea water, which is sourced from Hawaiian islands via volcanic rock. The flavor was much more robust than what I had tasted back home. So much so it made me feel that I’d never really tasted pure water before. Learn more about Waiakea water:

The pH value has a high of nearly 9, making the water alkaline, but it also has the advantage of natural minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and silica. After learning more about where and how this hawaiian water is sourced I learned that alkaline water has the advantage of fighting against health problems.

According to an article in Crunchbase, chlorinated tap water is not exactly healthy. While the risk is low, chlorinated water does present some health issues, like developmental delays in infants. The medical community has known for some years that the acidification of the body is the source of many diseases, because acid weakens the immune system.

Alkaline water is healthier because it contains a higher proportion of oxygen, which has the ability to fight against free radicals responsible for the aging of our cells. Unfortunately, many of the foods we eat have a low pH, meaning they promote acid in the stomach. Thus one of the reasons alkaline water is so important. The beverage neutralizes the acid.

The Advantages Of A High pH Level

Why is the pH level in water so important? It can help bind acid in the stomach and helps to normalize acid production. They are also often active in irritants and have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect (gastritis).

Water with a high pH also can help in the formation of digestive enzymes, stimulate the pancreas and gallbladder function and rinse the bile ducts. More importantly, this water can influence the composition and the pH of the urine and thus not only prevent the formation of stones, but help partially dissolve large stones.

The water from Waiakea springs also have the advantage of helping with mineral deficiency. This beverage delivers a good amount of magnesium and potassium, which effectively relieves ailments like gout and high uric acid values.

The alkalizing action of water with a high pH has been widely demonstrated, especially for athletes who must neutralize excess lactic acid. Overall, alkaline water, such as Waiakea water has quickly become popular because it solves many ailments and detoxifies the body. This represents an enormous way for the body to help defend itself.