Ara Chackerian: Stigma for Suicide Should End

Ara Chackerian is among the executives who are doing their best to make healthcare accessible to all people, regardless of their income and social circles in the society. The businessman and philanthropist has been focusing so much in mental health. Ara Chackerian ventured into the mental health section when he noticed that there were more than one hundred individuals who were losing their lives to suicide in the society. This number is too high, but people were still not willing to speak about mental health. When a family or a friend passes away, most people will lie about the cause of the death to avoid the stigma that comes from suicide cases. Celebrities are currently the victims of suicide in the recent times, and this has made things changed significantly. Ara Chackerian have noted an increased number of people who are creating awareness about mental diseases and suicide.

According to Ara Chackerian, everyone in the community should consider suicide to be a serious matter. This doesn’t require the secrecy it has been getting in the modern times, because this can only make matters worse. People should not fear the judgment and misunderstandings that come with suicide in the family. While many organizations and governments have raised awareness about cancer and other diseases, mental issues have not been addressed. Ara Chackerian wants everyone, regardless of their age, to seek help when they discover that they are having any mental diseases. Medical professionals in the market will take time to offer the therapy and any other assistance they need to make life better. The cost of getting treatment for the patients living with these diseases should not be too high either. With extravagant prices, the patients will be scared of getting help, and they will mostly chose to stay away and die in silence.