An Adept Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a skilled and experienced medical professional. She has been a cosmetic plastic surgeon for 15 years. Dr. Walden works exclusively with cosmetic surgery. Her work is rooted in her desire to build up women, to give them a better quality of life. Indeed she states, “…one of my goals was to help women, to help them improve upon themselves, and the way I saw it, surgery was a way for women to have a better quality of life and a self-confidence they’d never felt.” This goal has driven her to great success within the field. She has often been called on to act as a knowledgeable authority on issues regarding plastic surgery. She has served as a commentator for media giants such as ABC News, and Fox News.

A native of Austin Texas, she attended the University of Texas Medical Branch, where she received her Doctor of Medicine. Ironically, she was salutatorian of her class, despite being waitlisted originally. Dr. Walden worked in New York City for several years before moving back to Austin.

Overall, Dr. Walden is a skilled plastic surgeon with years of experience. Her goals have led her to do great things in the world of plastic surgery, and the broader medical field.

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