Alex Hern is an Editor

Alex Hern is an editor at The Guardian in the UK. His working passion for writing coupled with the rise of social media has resulted in his recognition as a writer. He leads conversations that focus on the impact of technology and social media on daily human interactions. This is evidenced by his active engagement on Twitter in regards to upcoming issues affecting the majority of the population. In his recent post, Alex Hern discusses the reasons the UK government is actively involved in taking social networks.

He highlights the various security threats that are exposed to children through the online platforms. His readers can follow the new legislation and become aware of the policies such as an Instagram new feature on sensitivity screens. Alex Hern worked at New Statesman Magazine before being an editor at The Guardian.

This allowed him to gain his extensive experience and influence. His approach to politics and culture further gained him more followers on Twitter. Alex Hern has remained committed to his creative work and is recognized as a leader where he was awarded the Digital Award of the year. He advocated for the verification of online information which often tends to mislead readers. Alex Hern indeed changes the dynamics of journalism.