Achieving Entrepreneurial Success With Livio Bisterzo

After concluding his education at the University of the Arts, Livio Bisterzo became an entrepreneur. He began with an events business and continued to venture in other industries. Currently, Bisterzo owns companies in consumer products and hospitality, among others. He is determined to identify successful strategies and use them in building a brand. At the age of thirty-five, his passion for entrepreneurship has paid off by giving him tremendous success. All the brands Bisterzo has managed have thrived in the market. He is a true inspiration to upcoming business people.

Livio Bisterzo is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Park Holdings. This company is in the food industry, which is quickly growing. Its aim is to make creative and diverse brands of foods and drinks. Bisterzo’s mission is to provide natural foods for the consumers. This company wants to be on the lead in providing quality and natural products.

HIPPEAS was the first brand in Green Park Brands. It is a snack made from organic chickpea puffs. HIPPEAS was introduced in 2016, and it has become a success story, and Livio Bisterzo is positive that it will positively impact the snacking industry. This product is available in up to 18,500 outlets in USA and UK. Its affordability and quality are expected to make it the most loved snack in the industry.

Apart from Green Park Holdings, Livio Bisterzo has partnered with RNA Corporation. It is a Chicago firm that manufactures men’s skin care. The company has reached twenty-six countries with this product. The success of this brand ranked Bisterzo among the one thousand most influential people.

Livio Bisterzo led to the acquisition of Little Miracles. RNA Corporation purchased this Danish firm, which creates juice and tea. Livio Bisterzo applied some approaches that made this company grow fast, and in 2013, it was recognized as the fastest growing SME in Europe.

Livio Bisterzo is not just focused on business. He believed in social responsibility and giving back to the community. HIPPEAS’s mission is to love and give back. For this reason, the brand has a partnership with Farm Africa. Each pack sold contributes to farmers in Eastern Africa. The brand supports farmers in poverty situations by assisting them to live better lives and eventually become successful.

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