The Century-long Business Relationship Between OSI Group and McDonald’s

Today OSI Group McDonald is a world leader in the food industry. It boasts of having over 20,000 employees working in sixty-five facilities in seventeen countries around the globe. Its remarkable rise from a family-owned meat market and butcher shop to a leading global supplier of custom value-added food products is the perfect economic success story of the century. It is ranked number sixty-three by Forbes among America’s largest privately-owned companies with an income of sixty-one billion dollars.

In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant opened a retail meat market and butcher shop in Chicago. He ran a good business serving the nearby community and in 1917 he had grown his business into a wholesale meat company. As part of the expansion, he moved his business to Maywood in Chicago. The company was later rebranded and named Otto and Sons in 1928. Over the next years, it continued to thrive and earned a reputation as a local supplier of quality meat.

The first OSI Group McDonalds restaurant was opened in 1955 by Ray Kroc- a franchise agent at the time for Maurice and Richard McDonald who were running a family restaurant. Prior to opening this first OSI Group McDonalds restaurant in Des Plaines, Mr. Kroc had made a verbal agreement with Otto’s sons. The arrangement was that Otto and sons would be the supplier of ground beef to the McDonalds franchise. This was the beginning of what would later turn out to be one of the most fruitful economic partnerships of the century.

Mr Kroc went on to acquire McDonald’s and install himself as its Chief Executive Officer. Tasked with supplying the rapidly expanding OSI Group McDonalds franchise, Otto and Sons made McDonald’s their primary focus. Technological advancement in 1960 in the form of flash freezing process enabled Otto and Sons to keep up with the pressure of supplying the growing network of McDonald restaurants.

Otto and Sons constructed its first plant exclusively for the OSI Group McDonalds franchise in the year 1973. This facility had cutting-edge machinery to be used in flash freezing hamburger patties. Concurrently, all the business non- related to McDonald’s was put under a separate company called Glenmark that focused on other local restaurants.

In 1975 Otto and Sons became known as OSI Industries. ISO industries manufacturing capacity increased with McDonald’s continuous growth. Both companies entered the international scene and the rest is history.

OSI Group Takes the Lead in Food Production

When people are discussing about the best companies in the market with the best food products for customers, OSI Group always takes the first position. The company was recently listed by Forbes as one of the food production leaders, proving that many customers have always been right when appreciating the services from the large organization. As one of the 58th largest in the global platform, the institution serves consumers across all races and religions. The food production firm has also diversified its production. Its different foods have always left consumers looking forward to purchasing more products in the market. Sheldon Lavin chairs the global firm, and he is also a great executive who takes so much respect because of his skills in leadership and management of companies.

It is not a secret that OSI has expanded so much, especially since the year 2016. The first time the company announced its plans to expand into different locations, very few people doubted its ability to do so. After observing and even understanding the food market for more than ninety-nine years, the firm had already identified the best food products that were loved by customers, so it was not difficult serving the consumers the products needed. Sheldon Lavin greatest duty in the firm was expansion activities, and he was so good in the job that the company managed to get offices in over twenty countries. Serving so many customers in the world means that the company needs the best and most confident professionals.

OSI group website speaks so much about the working opportunities in the company. The recent statistics show that the firm has stationed over twenty thousand employees in all its branches so that they can handle the work in the global company.Baho Foods was recently announced as one of the few institutions that have been acquired by OSI Group. Baho Foods tops the marked when it comes to the variety of production of snacks, and it will serve as the best addition to OSI Group. The organization was acquired after its officials agreed on various terms, although most of them were not disclosed to the public.


Herbalife Nutrition and Their Efforts Within The Health Community

Herbalife is a company that specializes in health products and services to businesses. Their goal is to create a community of people who engage in a healthy lifestyle. Herbalife has efforts in 90 countries around the world. Their products are sold directly from independent distributors. Herbalife has many clients and client demographics. Their clients are generally people looking to seek a healthier way of living their life.


Herbalife has a nutrition program that is sponsored by many athletes and public figures. The goal of Herbalife is to expand their efforts to as many consumers as possible in order to spread their message. They have a presence on social media in order to advocate for their message. They have an Instagram account dedicated to providing consumers with information on their products. The company posts frequently regarding herbs and supplements. They post about their new products and new advancements within the company. They provide their Instagram followers with information regarding vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and magnesium. In their social media posts, they also include recipes and information regarding food preparation.


The company also offers information regarding exercise and exercise routines. They include information about their products and how they relate to an overall healthy lifestyle. They partner with many high-profile social media influencers in order to post about their products. They team up with individuals in the health industry in order to notify a larger audience. Herbalife has worked with communities that are in need of health advice. They work with individuals in communities to open health centers that are sponsored by and affiliated with Herbalife Nutrition. Their goal is to work with individuals in areas where there is a market for their products and services.


They have worked with many communities over the years in an effort to influence and inform the community. Herbalife was created by Mark Hughes in 1980. They currently employ over 8,000 individuals around the world. They are headquartered out of Los Angeles, California. The company has been involved in the industry since 1980 and are still in the same field today.


Ryan Seacrest’s Successful Career in the Media and His Philanthropic Efforts

Ryan Seacrest is a professional media personality who holds important positions in the national radio and local radio as well as cable and broadcast television. On the radio, Ryan hosts a nationally syndicated radio program known as Top 40 as well as “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” show for iHeart Media on 102.7 KIIS-FM. His latest achievement in the media is joining the Emmy-winning team as a permanent co-host with Kelly Ripa at “Live.”

Ryan is also the executive producer and the host of “E! Live from the Red Carpet” and New Year’s Eve annual program on ABC, “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” award shows. In 2006, he launched Ryan Seacrest Productions, an initiative that runs various reality TV shows, including It’s complicated, Khloe & Lamar, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The company also produced Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, an Emmy award-winning reality show. Furthermore, Ryan Seacrest Productions also produces Insatiable for Netflix and Shades of Blue, a popular NBC drama starring Jennifer Lopez. In 2002, Ryan started co-hosting American Idol, a singing competition series which aired on Fox until 2016. As this iconic music competition returns to ABC, Ryan is hosting it in spring 2018.

Ryan Seacrest’s inspiration comes from the entrepreneurial interests that have enabled him to work with different entertainment and media corporations. He has a flourishing lifestyle business, which includes sold exclusively at Macy’s, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a men’s wear collection and a line of men skin care products. Ryan has ongoing endorsement relationships with high-end brands including Ford and Coca-cola among others.

Ryan Seacrest is also involved in philanthropic work, and most of his efforts focus on youth-oriented programs. These programs inspire the youth in education matters and entertainment as well. Some of his charitable efforts include working as the chairperson of Ryan Seacrest Foundation, an organization that has launched ten broadcast media facilities in pediatric hospitals in different cities throughout the country to open up the unlimited realms of media to child patients. Ryan Seacrest also serves the Grammy Foundation’s honorary chair and a board member of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The Fundamental Investment Truths Of Igor Cornelsen

The most successful investors are the ones that are willing to take advice from someone else. They are not caught up to the point where they feel that they cannot take any outside advice. Igor Cornelsen is giving people solid advice in the course of a few steps he is not guaranteeing that everything that he says will be your pathway to the highest rate of return, but he does know that there are a lot of things that you should pay attention to when you make investments.

Igor believes that you should know about the exports for a certain country. He also believes that you should know why the economy is booming. You should never assume that it is just an area where things are booming for no reason at all. Everything has a cause and effect, and this is what Cornelsen wants people to realize.

Cornelsen wants people to know that there are some things that can effect the economy. If you are someone that is unable to take notice of the culture you may find yourself with an investment portfolio that is failing just because you have not paid attention to the cause and effect relationship on stocks.

Igor Cornelsen has been in the investment world for decades. This means he has the ability to predict some laws and tariffs that can restrict trade. He knows about things that can slow down the growth of some of the best companies. These are the things that come with experience. He has managed to become an important source of information because he is observant. Cornelsen pays attention to those things that other investors have not paid any attention to. That is why he has become so successful. That is why he wants others to listen to his truths about investing.

Herbalife, The Total Effect for Healthy Living

Lack of exercise and nutritious food can be the road to an unhealthy lifestyle for you and your family. Alternatives to quick meals such as fast food, pizza and canned soups that will cause cardiovascular disease long-term should be your number one goal.


Herbalife provides meals that contain aloe and herbal teas, as well as protein shakes that should be included as a good source of vitamins and nutrients for a balanced dietary pattern. Physical activity on a daily basis is also part of the program.


The best thing about Herbalife is that unlike the other nutrition programs on the market where the focus is to lose weight and gain muscle, individuals are encouraged to set their own goals for a total journey into fitness and well-being.


The distribution of Herbalife products started in 1980 and is now available in 90 countries globally. Alongside a program of exercise and coaching that would revolutionize the nutrition market and assist millions into reaching their personal wellness curriculum, athletes, men, women, seniors, and new moms are all benefiting from the ingredients in the products provided by Herbalife.


What type of healthy food should we prepare?


The suggestion is to start with breakfast every day by making an easy homemade fruit milkshake that also includes a spoonful of Herbalife’s healthy personalized protein powder.


Frequent and small portions of food are encouraged throughout the day so as to maintain energy levels and prevent the desire for unhealthy snacks. Instead, you can always carry some nuts or Herbalife bars that are low in calories and contain a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

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Here are three of the most needed minerals and nutrients that Herbalife offers in many of its products:


Magnesium found in leafy greens, broccoli, and kale.


Proteins contained in all types of nuts


Potassium provided in bananas and many beans


The Total Effect


The unique aspect of the Herbalife program is that it offers an overall lifestyle adjustment that is simple and will improve the life of anyone who follows it. Unlike many plans that are centered on only losing weight and gaining muscle, the focus is on personalized programs that are easy to include into the daily life and routine of any individual of any age within their own environment and schedule. There is even a nutritional booster plan for new mothers with the highest quality standards and a focus on iron and calcium.



Highlights of Fortress Investment Group’s Two-Decade Success

In 2018, Fortress Investment Group celebrated its 20th birthday. Throughout this period, the firm has acquired several companies, attracted multiple investors, opened its boundaries to cover more regions, as well as appointed best talents to cooperate with clients.

What achievements has the company attained?

  1. It manages assets worth $41.4 billion

As at June 2018, Fortress Investment Group announced that it was managing financial and physical assets worth $41.4 billion from 1750 individual and institution-based investors. It is an invaluable increase from the $400 million assets that were under the management of Fortress in 1998.

  1. The company has a qualified team of investment and financial experts

Fortress Investment Group brags of a dedicated team of experts with a solid background in the world’s major industries. The organization focuses on asset-based investing, sector-specific expertise and investment, assessment of operational challenges, as well as the execution of mergers & acquisitions. Moreover, the experts specialize in securing low-risk financing for Fortress’ portfolio companies.

The team is led by Randal Nardone, Peter Briger, and Wes Edens. Mr. Briger supervises the group’s credit division. The division houses Fortress Japan Income Fund, Drawbridge Special Opportunities, and Fortress Real Estate Opportunities.

Edens and Nardone manage Fortress’ private equity division. The division focuses on generating cash flow from several investments located in North America, Western European, and the Caribbean. Some of the investment vehicles operated by the private equity division are; Global Signal, Brookdale Senior Living, and Nationstar Mortgage Holdings.

  1. Fortress Investment Group has a diverse investment portfolio

Fortress operates various investment vehicles spread across the world’s transportation, real estate, retail, financial services, healthcare, and energy sectors. The investment vehicles operate in Europe, the United States, Asia, North America, and other regions.

The primary organizations that makeup Fortress’ investment portfolio include; Florida East Coast Railway, Holiday Retirement, OneMain Holdings, Aircastle, and Springleaf Financial Services. Fortress Investment Group Partners with iPass to the Tune of $20M in Credit

  1. Fortress is the winner of prestigious honors

In 2010, Fortress Investment Group won the Credit-Focused Fund of the Year, a prestigious award given to hedge funds with exceptional customer satisfaction rates. In 2012, the investment manager secured the Management Firm of the Year, an award offered by HFMWeek. Two years later, Fortress acquired HFMWeek’s ‘Management Firm of the Year’ title.

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Organo Gold And Their Amazing Coffee And Tea Products

Organo Gold is a Filipino company that has long made the best coffees and teas in the world. They have an expansive network in Asia where they allow people to sell their products for a profit, and they make products that have even come to the US. These products allow people to drink the best coffee and best possible beverages, and they even have an energy drink that is perfect for the masses. Learn what is so special about Organo Gold below.

  1. Organo Gold Grows Organic Tea And Coffee

The organic coffee and tea that is made by this company is so good that people can taste the difference in the growing. They can have a much healthier life drinking organic tea, and they get much more body and flavor from organic coffees. The soil on the private farms of the Philippines makes it easier for these items to grow, and they have a many coffee flavor all their own.

  1. Their Sales Structure

The sales structure with this company is such that people will sell their items, make a commission from each sale, and they can have as many customers as they want. The seller decides how much they want to work, and they can get support from the company when they need it. Organo Gold makes it easy for anyone to sell, and they give the assurance that they will stand behind the Organo Gold brand.

  1. Conclusion

Someone who wants to sell the Organo Gold coffees and teas can make their own money, and people will begin to drink these things because they want more flavor and more value. Organo is expanding to America, and they are bringing their special brand of coffee and tea to a continent that has only just been introduced to this country. Plus, people can sell these items for a profit.

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Guilherme Paulus: Scaling The Brazilian Tourism Sector

Brazil’s tourism sector is a primary economy shaker as the country receives about 6.36 million visitors annually and it ranks one of the best tourist attractions in Mexico and South America. Revenues from the international tourist are approximately US$5.8 billion, and it continues to attract more tourists. Brazil offers domestic as well as international tourists a fantastic range of scenery options with natural areas combined with leisure as well as recreation. One individual who has also contributed to the development of the tourist sector is Guilherme Paulus who was born in Sao Paulo.

When the young Paulus left his job as a junior computer technician at the prestigious IBM where he served as an intern to work as tourism personnel in charge of sales and travels, it was one of the best career- decision he made. The choice set him on the right path of the career as he met Carlos Vicente who financed his idea to start a tourism company. The firm offered unique packages to clients. Guilherme Paulus had more significant activities to these packages with the intention of making clients feel welcome. The idea was based on his past experiences where he worked as a travel sales person. Besides, this company added cruise trips to capture more clients.


The strategic moves initiated by Guilherme Paulus played a constructive role in the development as well as the growth of the firm’s revenues thereby allowing Paulus to oversee significant operations including the expansion of the company to new locations. Regardless of the market dominance by CVC, one of the best tour companies in Brazil, the firm has often referred to clients to seek accommodation in other prominent hotels with the sole purpose of empowering its clients. Guilherme Paulus saw this firm as an opportunity to launch a new wing that would serve clients by offering a wide range of services. He founded GJP Group of Hotels. The business allowed CVC Tours Company to channel revenues to its portfolio.

Founded in 2005, GJP Group of Hotels is one of the leading tours companies that has succeeded in providing clients with revolutionary tour packages.

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Neurocore is a neurological research group that was developed to better understand the brain of those with normal function versus those with psychological problems. Through brain scans and other testing the research group was able to conclude that the brains of people with these problems actually had differences in how the brain was working. But the group didn’t think this to be a permanent problem as it looked as if all parts of the brain could function just fine but it wasn’t functioning the way it should. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

So the group looked heavily into brain training as that is something that has been proven already to increase focus, and mental stability. But they knew in order for something like that to work they would have to develop their own training exercises to return the brain back to normal and that it could look different for every patient. The Neurocore took years developing these methods testing them on patients every time to see what work best for which problems and so forth. All patients that participated in the research received some benefit of not having their problem as severe when they left.


But the group got proof that specialized brain training can return the brain back to normal but it had to be specific to that patient and the problem they have. Now since they have proven that the group opened up two clinics to treat people with great response even though insurance wouldn’t pay for the treatment. Now years down the road the group has the funding to open up more clinics in the country and is working hard to get their treatment to be the standard practice for patients instead of jumping right into giving the patient drugs. While the patient has to work hard for their treatment as well it is a truly effective treatment that is long lasting without all the side effects from drugs that don’t give the brain better function but let the patient feel better during their day so that they don’t have to think about the condition in which they have. The group is also working hard to get their treatment approved by health insurance companies so that they may treat even more people. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.