The Unconquerable Architect, Editor, And Author That Is Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the current VP and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) based in Washington DC. This organization is concerned with lobbying the government, providing education, and developing communities. Another goal of AIA is to promote a positive image of the architectural profession and not just among people in similar circles. It endeavors to do this by collaborating with designers and construction teams to synchronize the building sector.

Robert is a highly talented architect who has gained immense respect from his colleagues and the industry at large. Robert is the inaugural architect to land this Noel Polk award which recognizes extraordinary visual and performing artists coming from the great state of Mississippi. Nancy LaForge, the President of MIAL, surmised that this exceptional Mississippi native is the most befitting recipient of this award. With this coveted accolade, Robert Ivy joins the ranks of Morgan Freeman and Eudora Welty who have also been recipients.

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Over the span of his decorated career, Robert Ivy has been heralded for making impeccable architecture accessible to the mainstream population and even more so since joining AIA in 2011. Under his leadership, the organization has expanded its footprint by welcoming more like-minded individuals from around the world which speaks volumes to AIA’s devotion to diversity.

Aside from this highly acclaimed Noel Polk Award, Robert Ivy has several other awards under his belt. For instance, the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi named him as the Master Architect in 2010. This award for especially to thank him for conveying the value of architectural design to younger generations and therefore helping more millennials consider joining this sector. His design efforts notwithstanding, Robert Ivy’s efforts as an author and editor were recognized by the American Business Media which bestowed on him the Crain Award in 2009. This award recognized his input to business media which will yield excellent results for generations to come. There is no telling what Robert will accomplish from here on out, but the future is undoubtedly promising.

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Sheldon Lavin Is The Visionary That Led OSI Group To International Greatness

Sheldon Lavin is the visionary that led OSI Group to international greatness. He originally began doing business with a company as a consultant in the 1950’s. At this time OSI Group was known as Otto and Sons. It was a family-owned organization that had been founded in the early 1900’s. Otto Kolschowsky came from Germany and began the American Dream by opening a meat market. He ran his operations in the Chicago area. Over the years Otto and Sons grew as a trusted meat supplier to food companies in the region. They were discovered by Ray Kroc and the McDonald’s Corporation, who chose them to be one of its numerous suppliers of product.

Otto and Sons did stand out work for the McDonald’s Corporation. They were eventually tapped to be the sole supplier of meat to the restaurant giant. This required them to build a new meat processing plant to handle these responsibilities. Sheldon Lavin was brought in as a consultant on the operation between the two enterprises.

As time moved on Sheldon Lavin became more involved in the operation between Otto and Sons and McDonald’s. He was soon asked to be a part of the activities full-time. Lavin agreed and became a partner with the Otto and Sons organization. The original founders of Otto and Sons settled into retirement and Sheldon took over as Chairman and CEO of the company.

Sheldon Lavin began to push the company’s interest in an international direction. The organization became known as OSI Group and took on projects such as K & K foods in Taiwan. This led to the creation of OSI’s Asia-Pacific Division. The company spread throughout the Pacific Rim and explored interest in Central and South America.

Sheldon Lavin has been aggressive about growth. OSI has conducted several acquisitions in order to diversify its business model and open up new markets for the giant food manufacturer.

OSI Group- The Food Processing Icon

The true definition of a successful business story is in the biography of OSI Group. It is one of the oldest food processing industries in America. It was established in 1909 as a small retail meat market in Chicago. The current OSI President David McDonald invited Sheldon Lavin as the Chairman and CEO in the 1970s into the company. Since then, the OSI group has never been the same. OSI Group began its operations as a butcher in the neighborhood Chicago, and today it runs in more than 17 countries in the world with more than 65 facilities. The breakthrough came as a result of the high excellence of staff expertise, and highly-skilled, and experienced leadership of the likes of Sheldon who is a finance expert.

Employment roll in the company has hit over 20,000 personnel in active operations. It is based mainly in Greater Chicago areas, The Great Lakes, and The Midwestern US. The huge customer base has always referred to OSI as the Premier Global Food Provider due to its due diligence in the sustenance of food production. The company highly values the quality of its supplies to the customers. They do not relent to ensure that they optimise the cost of the foods in the market for the smile of its customers as well. OSI Group is one of the most innovative food processing companies in the US. The improved Liquid Nitrogen Cryogenic technology is one of its landmarks in the business.

The technology bolsters the food storage, transportation, and general food production. Using this technology has seen the cost of food go down by a significant margin. The technique involves using nitrogen to freeze food. It is quick and effective. The company invests heavily in research to optimise the sustainability of food production which creates a balance between its suppliers and the market. Sheldon Lavin has received many global prestigious global awards over time on food sustainability like the Global Visionary Award, California Green Business Award, British safety Council Globe of Honor and many more. Lavin does do not regret quitting his job at the bank that once sponsored the OSI group to expand its operations.

Investment Expert Peter Briger

Fortress Investment Group traded public on the markets in an IPO in February 2007. It was this event that confirmed that Peter Briger was a billionaire. During this time, Peter’s 66 million shares were worth more than $2 billion. However, the high mark score for Peter did not last long before receding. Presently, the stock of Fortress investment has gone down 74% since IPO thus, Briger own just 44 million shares that are worth $350 million.

Notwithstanding the enormous hit on his net worth on paper, Pater is still an elite player in the professional field of special asset investing. Briger came to Fortress Investment Group in 2002 after working with Goldman Sachs for 15 years. He came to Fortress to head the debt securities and real estate business divisions as the company was looking forward to diversifying away from its main private equity business. Currently, Peter Briger is a principal as well as a Co-Chairman of the board of directors at Fortress. Briger has developed his property on his acumen for trading assets that people don’t want. His expertise though is in distressed debt.

The expertise was fully reflected when Peter helped to establish the Special Situation Group of Goldman Sachs in 1997. The group that is well known for its secretiveness, yet greatly lucrative is credited for being the primary driver of generating revenue for Goldman for the past decade. Since he left Goldman, the success of Peter Briger has remained steadfast. Briger and his team have managed to successfully raise $4.7 billion for Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund 5 during the first quarter of his year. This contributed 87% to the total revenue that the company increased during this quarter. Fortress Investment group also has the liquid market and private equity divisions. Besides, Peter Briger sees sufficient opportunities for earning a profit from distressed assets amidst the current financial crisis that has hit the markets for the last seven years.

Peter Briger holds an MBA from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and a B.A from Princeton University. He presently serves on the board of the Central Park Conservancy, Hospital for Special Surgery, Global Fund for Children, and the Princeton University Investment Company. He is also a Council on Foreign Relations’ member.

David Mcdonald, OSI Group President

David McDonald works at the OSI Group as the chief executive officer as well as the president. He has worked for the company for over 30 years. David McDonald has served in different level within the company since he joined immediately after graduating. He came in as a project manager and has been around since then experiencing the remarkable growth that OSI has gone experienced. OSI Group is an international food processing organization. The company has been in the limelight for its demonstration of exceptional care for the environment. This commitment has enabled the organization to keep creating products that have almost no impact on the environment. According to David McDonald, the company will continue to improve their operations to ensure that they protect the environment as well as the wellbeing of the local communities.

Unlike other organization that supply prepared foods, OSI ensures that their operations are according to the customers’ custom specifications. The organization works with its customers to come up with the type of item and the flavor profile each one wants. This makes the company produce items based on the needs of the customer. The R&D and the culinary teams stay abreast of the trends of consumers and are aware of both the current and the popular flavors as well as approaches to food products across the world. OSI Group has an experienced team that can prepare breakfast items, lunch, dinner, snacking, cuisine-specific menus, food deliveries including delicious protein items and vegetarian choices.

The company’s poultry processing develops several products for restaurant chains including breaded and battered chicken pieces and chicken meatballs. The organization can also offer fresh cuts through its division in China and the US. The beef processing produces several raw, formed, and cooked products including burgers, meatballs, burgers, meatloaf, beef steak, and Salisbury steak. Moreover, the pork processing involves raw and cooked sausages patties, roasted pork, cooked sausage links, bacon chips, bacon bits, riblets, raw and precooked bacon strips.

David McDonald grew up in Iowa State. He joined Iowa State University where he graduated with a degree in Animal Science. He currently serves as a board of director member at OSI Group.

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Guilherme Paulus Continues After Selling CVC

Not many people think about the tourism industry anymore. Everyone usually logs-on to some traveling site and buys plane tickets and books a hotel on their own. Behind all those easy-to-use sites and trip-planning apps is a company like CVC in Brazil.

When it comes to traveling to Brazil, the chances are high that nearly every visitor uses a CVC service. Guilherme Paulus and Carlos Cerchiari co-founded CVC, but Cerchiari left four years after the company’s founding. Paulus took over and built CVC into the largest tour operator on the continent. Using his 45 years of experience, Paulus single-handedly attracted much of Brazil’s modern global investors. Visit to find out more.

After taking CVC from Santo Andre to international status, Guilherme Paulus began looking for foreign investors. In 2009, the Carlyle Group bought into his agency for $420 million, earning them 63.6 percent of the business. Together, they took CVC even higher.

When the company went public in 2013, its stock opened higher than anyone predicted. By the end of the year, the company reported making R$5.2 billion. Every year, they’ve stated that number’s grown two digits a year. They also announced a plan to open 100 new stores every year. To date, CVC has more than 400 stores all over Brazil.

While CVC has grown beyond Brazil, Guilherme Paulus sold most of his control of the agency, earning himself $750 million but kept eight percent ownership. After making his sale final, he began focusing more on his hotels and resorts.

In 2005, Guilherme Paulus founded GJP Group, a company that invests in hotels and resorts. The hotel chain currently has over 15 hotels and resorts operating in Brazil. Recently, they completed work on the Wish Resort Golf Convention. That resort won the Best Golf Hotel Award of 2017.

Mr. Paulus also named one of the Entrepreneurs of the Year 2017 by a local magazine. The Isto e Dinheiro called him one of the Brazilians who defeated pessimism with politics and economic brilliance.

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A Little About Organo Gold

Organo Gold produces much of the world’s largest coffee industry. They use all natural organic products in their coffees. Besides, producing some of the world’s best tasting coffees, the makers of Organo Gold offer a financial opportunity for those who would like to participate.

This financial opportunity is one where the opportunist will recruit new people to sell coffee and the other organic products offered by Organ Gold. The opportunist can sell the coffee products coffee shops in his or her area where the coffee shop will then make a markup and charge a little more according to how the coffee shop paid for the coffee. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Besides, the financial opportunities available with Organo Gold, people from all over the world can enjoy the coffee products distributed by Organo Gold. These are people in over 45 countries. The company does not offer a website for purchase. However, there is a website available for independent distributors to purchase products on.

Organo Gold is one of the top one hundred independent marketing firms in the world. They have offices in many parts of the world. Other than the coffee, Organo Gold produces many products. Among these products are flavored beverages, teas, and personal care products. The independent marketing distributor can sell any and all the products offered by Organo Gold. Follow Organo Gold on

Organo Gold is good for the body, because it is made with all natural ingredients. The personal care products, flavored beverages, and teas are also made with all natural organic products. Organo Gold can be found at the local health food store, from an independent distributor, and from the coffee house in the local area. There are many flavors of coffees and teas produced by the company.


Ara Chakarian Sees Promise In New Psychiatric Treatments

In the world of business and philanthropy, Ara Chakarian has made quite a name for himself. For most of his career, he has worked to build bridges between technology and the healthcare field. Many people have taken note of his community-based efforts.


In addition to sitting on a number of Bay Area boards, he has also taken interest in many causes.


The Nicaraguan Teak farm – Limonapa Teak, uses environmentally-friendly agriculture practices. The farm also helps the local economy by providing good-paying jobs within the community. recently sat down with Mr. Chakarian to discuss some of his latest works.


Ara Chakarian says his latest venture is with his longtime business partner. He says they are actively looking to go into psychiatric outpatient space. Specifically, Chakarian says he would like to explore a new depression treatment device called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).


Chakarian says he sees a great deal of promise in this device due to the positive data after technology and treatment. A number of patients suffering from severe depression had positive results.


He is also building more clinics. In fact, seven facilities have been build around the San Francisco area. All of the facilities are outfitted with TMS treatment rooms and they are also 3,000 square feet. “We want to make sure our patients feel relaxed and at home when they come,” said Chakarian.


When asked about whether or not his dreams have come to fruition, Chakarian says “no.”

He insists he has a lot more work to do. He says his parents always encouraged him to follow his dreams. His dreams are still a work in progress. Check out for more.



Chakarian admits that one trend he’s playing close attention to is Digital healthcare. “These types of apps bring a great deal of promise and value to the healthcare industry. We are in remarkable times.” You can visit for more.


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