Bruce Bent II: Founder of the Money Market Fund

Bruce Bent II is a prominent United States-based business profile who has amassed a large amount of wealth in the investment banking industry. For over two decades of experience in the world of finance and business, Bruce Bent II has founded and sold more than 12 companies at the level of multi-million corporations. Bruce Bent II is a prominent American business professional who has developed fast income in a manner that facilitates better business solutions. In 1970, Bruce Bent II invented the money market fund. This is a fund that works with the formal name reserve fund. It was adopted as beneficial to the world of business and finance by the American Museum of Financial History in 1972. During that time, the money market fund became an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution based in the United States.

Bruce Bent II developed the money market fund to add value to the national financial history. He also used his knowledge to develop the desired guidelines in a manner that depicts leadership in the financial world. Bruce Bent II is also credited with investing in the world largest fund.

While wholesale money was sold and bought long before the money market fund was adopted into the financial system, Bruce Bent II introduced a formal education into the use of the fund in the industry. He also worked to develop the specific guidelines that could be used to assimilate a better innovation technique that can be used to anticipate a new world order. The industry is now worth more than $3.0 trillion since it was incepted in the United States. The money market fund is now serving millions of investors.

Bruce Bent II also wrote about the money market fund on the Wall Street Journal. This publication had more than 2 million subscribers. For this reason, the money market fund can be seen to have a lot of innovation techniques. His role in the development of the money market fund is to manage the fund in a manner that depicts the leadership experienced in the industry. Since the inception of the fund, he has amassed a great deal of wealth.

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Julie Zuckerberg Utilizes Her Talent to Revolutionize the Recruitment Industry

Julie Zuckerberg is a renowned talent acquisition professional in New York. She is the current senior talent acquisition Leader at the Deutsche Bank. Her role in the company involves collaboration with various leaders in different fields that include global technology, private wealth, commercial business area, asset management, and other operations whose primary aim is to push for the local talent acquisition strategies that go hand-in-hand with improvements in the recruitment processes.


Julie is also involved in development and negotiation of offers at the managerial level that includes real risk takers and primary function stakeholders. Besides performing these roles, Julie provides valuable advice to the leadership committees and the executive on hiring governance and the top recruitment practices. These practices have the capability to increase engagement and proficiency; therefore, enabling companies to attract diverse talents.

Julie Zuckerberg graduated with a degree in philosophy from the University of New York, Brooklyn College. After that, she attended the New York Law School for her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. It is an entry level degree to an individual who wants to become certified litigators in the US, Canada, Australia and a few other countries.


Julie’s career

Julie’s career as a talent acquisition professional began back in 2002 when she landed her first job at Hudson Global Resources America Inc. She was involved in candidate placement, recruiting paralegals, case managers and attorneys for several firms, for either permanent or temporally positions. Most of her clients were reputable law firms, financial institutions, and large corporations.


Julie was an employee at Hudson for five years until the end of 2007 when she moved to Citi Global Consumer Bank to seek greener pastures. She took over the position of an executive recruiter until July 2011 when she offered a full life-cycle recruiting senior level positions in Auditing, legal and, compliance fields. She offered valuable advice to top business heads on new hiring strategies, compensation trends, competitive markets, and what they can do to retain top talents in their companies.


She is well-known for offering creative recruitment strategies such as direct sourcing, employment referrals, social media as well as searching on the internet. While working at Citi global consumer bank, Julie led negotiations and development of multiple job opportunities that had equity awards, relocation, buyouts, clawbacks, and immigration amongst other recruitment related issues. From November 2013 for February 2014, Julie Zuckerberg worked at New York Life Insurance Company as a senior recruiter. She then joined Deutsche Bank where she currently works. Due to her remarkable performance in the organization, Julie has scaled the ladder of success to the position of Executive Talent Acquisition Manager and later on the Vice President of the bank.


In all the organizations where Julie has worked, she has displayed exemplary management skills in recruitment and hiring of talent that brings a lot of difference to the company. She has been able to provide the best-talented people; therefore, benefiting businesses with her ability and knowledge in recruitment all over the country. Besides her engaging work, Julie participates in outdoor activities. Her hobbies include cooking or eating out, discovering new technology, photography and checking out art galleries.


José AuriemoNeto – The Skilled leader of JHSF

Mr. José AuriemoNeto is the skilled leader of the large Brazilian company JHSF Participacoes S. A. He has been a valuable part of the corporation for more than ten years. JHSF Participacoes S. A. entered the scene in 1972 and had established itself as a reputable part of the industry of the real estate. The company of JHSF Participacoes S. A. has several offices outside of the country of Brazil. The Corporation has expanded its reach in Miami as well as in New York City; in the country of Uruguay in the capital Punta Del Este, as well as in a few other places.

In early 1993 Mr. José AuriemoNeto became a part of the JHSF Participacoes S. A. Over the course of his career at the company Mr. José AuriemoNeto has had a large number of responsibilities. He has received several promotions, and he has also been a leader of a long list of projects at the company of JHSF Participacoes S. A. He has been able to develop a wide range of skills such an analytical thinking, leadership of teams both large and small, and more. Mr. José AuriemoNeto is the one who established the services department of the large corporation of JHSF Participacoes S. A. Towards the end of April of 2011 Mr. José AuriemoNeto received a promotion that moved him higher in the ranks of the company and so he became the Director and Executive Chairman. Currently, Mr. José AuriemoNeto is working at the position of a Chief executive officer of the company of JHSF Participacoes S. A., and he has been at the leadership position since the early months of 2003.

JHSF Participacoes S. A. has been undergoing rapid expansion over the course of the last couple of years. The company has been taking on major roles in real estate projects both in its country of Brazil and outside of Brazil. Some of the most recent projects that the company has been working on include several sights in the United States of America and more specifically in Miami and in New York City.

Premium Dog Treats Manufactured By Beneful Company

Beneful dog food is one of the privately held companies that offers production of quality dog treats in the United States. This company specializes in the manufacture of both wet and dry dog food products. For more than 15 years, Beneful Company has been distributing dog treats at an international level, to meet customers’ demands and tastes. Beneful deals with various dog treats which include;

Beneful Incredibites

Beneful incredibites falls under the category of wet dog foods manufactured by the company. Beneful incredibites features beef as the primary source of protein. To keep the dog ever healthy, Beneful Company adds wheat gluten and carrots.

Beneful Company is certified by the AAFCO association to offer quality dog treats at a global level. According to the company, feed your dog three times a day to keep him healthy.

Beneful Chopped Blends

Beneful Chopped Blends is a wet dog food treat that uses beef as the primary protein. Beneful Chopped Blends also feature barley and peas to keep your dog active.

It is advisable to feed your dog with I cup three times a day. Pet specialists also advise providing the dog with fresh water to keep him happy. Beneful Chopped Blends are also manufactured including potassium minerals to strengthen the dog’s bones.

Beneful healthy smile dog treats

Beneful healthy smile dog treats works to provide your dog with dental treats that function to reduce the built up of plaque. This dog treat also helps in healthy and stronger bone formation.

Beneful healthy smile dog treat uses chicken by-product as the primary source of protein. The treat also uses wheat gluten and corn to keep your dog stronger and healthy.

Beneful Originals

Beneful originals pet food is a dry dog food product which uses real beef, chicken, and real salmon as the primary source of protein. Beneful originals dog food always keeps your dog excited for the rest of his day.

Beneful originals comprise of calcium that helps in stronger bone formation. This dog food features other proteins such as dried green beans and meat and bone meal to keep your dog healthy.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s Increasing Prominence Everywhere

Duda Melzer has been a businessman in Brazil with much prominence for many years. He’s recently gained even more presence by becoming the CEO of his family’s business RBS Group. This company is involved in all different types of media serving Brazil, however gaining ground in many other countries including the US. Duda also founded the e.Bricks Digital company, which invests in startups by venture capital funding and private equity. The company had funded over 100 million in its first years and has reached up to 300 million within the last year. The success of Duda’s efforts has been the result of dedication to his family, education and career objectives.

According to Acaert, Duda Melzer began his postsecondary education in Brazil. He earned a bachelor’s degree and then came to the US to earn a master’s degree. Being a graduate of Harvard University’s MBA program connected Duda with many powerful players in business; a mentor of his is one of the most sought after business consultants in the world. Taking coursework that would enhance his entrepreneurial mindset in relation to family run enterprises was a perfect union. He not only worked for his family’s company representing the US, he was also CEO of Box Top Media in New York City. Duda has also worked in the field of finance. Having such a broad skill set has given him a huge competitive advantage in the market. His companies are so successful they rank among Google in customer ratings.

An impressive track record is just the beginning of Duda’s achievements. He’s been recognized by several organizations for his leadership and exceptional management skills. Marketing and entrepreneurial accolades have also been given by some of the most influential organizations in the family-based business enterprise category. His work is so influential; he’s regularly called on to attend conferences with many media outfits. Duda’s influence continues to benefit the community he’s a part of and even the most prominent business moguls around.

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