Haircare: More Than Vanity Reasons

Did you know that some of the best and most effective ingredients come from nature? No matter the age of the person, everyone should know that man-made products will never be as great as something that comes from the earth itself and in this case, haircare products.

Chaz Dean,, has one of the best haircare product lines n the planet. This prominent celebrity stylist has made a successful life for himself with his natural talents over the years. Growing his brand even further, Mr. Dean decided to create his very own exclusive haircare product line. What makes this (line) so special is that it comes from an organic nature. That’s right! The WEN by Chaz product line uses the finest of ingredients such as:

  • Chamomile Extract
  • Aloe Vera
  • Shea Butter
  • Wild Cherry Bark
  • Panthenol
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Lavender
  • Pomegranate Extract
  • And More

Founder Chaz Dean has a broad education of what makes a great hair product and (WEN) personifies this education. People who live hot areas tend to experience frizz from all of the humidity and people who reside in cooler climates deal with brittle follicles and less hair volume. We can’t change the weather, but we can do progressive things for maintaining a great head of hair.

WEN by Chaz is changing the status quo not only in the nation, but rather worldwide. Good haircare isn’t just about vanity and many people have wised up and went with this organic approach. It’s time to discard all of those dangerous chemicals that are made up of sulfates and switch to a softer more efficient product. The bar is set pretty high and with continued growth, (WEN) will be raising it even higher in the future. Visit Wen’s social media pages on Twitter  and Facebook for updates.


Norka Martinez Luque: A Successful Latin Pop Star

The Latino presence in the Miami area offers us a distinctive window into the Latino culture in the United States and the function of music in creating communities. Located at the southeastern corner of the U.S. state of Florida, Miami boasts a rich history and a thriving artistic life. The “Capital of Latin America” is a home to some of the greatest Latin musicians. Some of them are Gloria Estefan (a Latin pop singer-songwriter), Julio Iglesias (a Latin artist), Enrique Iglesias (Spanish singer-songwriter) and a host of others.

Norka Martinez Luque is also another force making headlines in the Latin music community. The Venezuelan musician is one of the most famous performers of her time. After graduating from a French business school as a professional banker, she began studying lyrical and popular singing in the United States. Her debut arrived in 2008 when she met the widely known Latin music producer Emilio Estefan Jr. Since then she started an ascendant career traveling around the world performing some of her major hits.

About Norka Luque (Early life and Education)

Born in Venezuela’s capital city, Caracas in 1985, Norka Luque began instrument, dance and singing lessons as a young child. With the unconditional support from her parents, she pursued the art lessons as well as her academic education.

In her higher education endeavors, she majored in business administration in France and earned a degree on the same. She also earned diplomas in culinary arts, fashion and marketing. While still a student at the French college, she got an opportunity to join a punk and funk group, Bad Moon Rising. As a member of the band, Ms. Martinez was able to remain connected to her ambition of becoming a professional singer.

Music and Awards

In 2011, Ms. Martinez was nominated for the Best Female Pop Artist in the prestigious Premios Lo Nuestro Awards. “Como lo Haces Tu” was the song that earned her this nomination. In 2012, she debuted yet another successful tracked dubbed “Milagro.” She called upon the support of professionals such as Emilio Estefan, Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena, and Luigi Giraldo to make the song a success.

She released this song to her fans in three phases; dance which was done in English, urban remix, pop and salsa version. All these versions made great success, topping music charts of different genres. Her most recent single is called “Tomorrowland.” It is accessible on all music apps and online stores.

For more information concerning her upcoming releases, shows and tours, check out

Getting Smart Lighting for the Home

Smart lighting from Gooee can totally transform the way you view your house each and every day. The problem so many individuals have because of the fact that they are a homeowner is the cost of their electric bill just to run their house. If the light is left on by a child or even by an adult that is living in the house, this can run up your electric bill without you even being aware of it at the time. Gooee’s Smart lighting can totally take the guesswork out of your high electric bill because of the fact that it has intuitive lighting options that help to run your home more energy efficient.

What this means is that the light itself will detect if it is needed or not depending on the current lighting situation in the room. If the room that the light bulb is currently in is already bright enough, the light will actually shut itself off so that it does not use excess electricity. You will also be able to switch these lights off and on from a smartphone or tablet without even being in the room itself. This makes it easy for you to turn lights off if you forgot to turn them off before leaving the house or turn them on so that you can come home to a Bright House. Lots of homeowners as well as business owners are switching to Smart lighting because of how beneficial this option can be for them and their loved ones or coworkers.

Can Waiakea Water Prevent & Defend?

On a recent trip I was introduced to Waiakea water, which is sourced from Hawaiian islands via volcanic rock. The flavor was much more robust than what I had tasted back home. So much so it made me feel that I’d never really tasted pure water before. Learn more about Waiakea water:

The pH value has a high of nearly 9, making the water alkaline, but it also has the advantage of natural minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and silica. After learning more about where and how this hawaiian water is sourced I learned that alkaline water has the advantage of fighting against health problems.

According to an article in Crunchbase, chlorinated tap water is not exactly healthy. While the risk is low, chlorinated water does present some health issues, like developmental delays in infants. The medical community has known for some years that the acidification of the body is the source of many diseases, because acid weakens the immune system.

Alkaline water is healthier because it contains a higher proportion of oxygen, which has the ability to fight against free radicals responsible for the aging of our cells. Unfortunately, many of the foods we eat have a low pH, meaning they promote acid in the stomach. Thus one of the reasons alkaline water is so important. The beverage neutralizes the acid.

The Advantages Of A High pH Level

Why is the pH level in water so important? It can help bind acid in the stomach and helps to normalize acid production. They are also often active in irritants and have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect (gastritis).

Water with a high pH also can help in the formation of digestive enzymes, stimulate the pancreas and gallbladder function and rinse the bile ducts. More importantly, this water can influence the composition and the pH of the urine and thus not only prevent the formation of stones, but help partially dissolve large stones.

The water from Waiakea springs also have the advantage of helping with mineral deficiency. This beverage delivers a good amount of magnesium and potassium, which effectively relieves ailments like gout and high uric acid values.

The alkalizing action of water with a high pH has been widely demonstrated, especially for athletes who must neutralize excess lactic acid. Overall, alkaline water, such as Waiakea water has quickly become popular because it solves many ailments and detoxifies the body. This represents an enormous way for the body to help defend itself.

Naomi Campbell’s The Face

Naomi Campbell has one of the most famous faces in the modeling industry. It is appropriate therefore that the show she is executive producer of is called The Face. It’s not about her face surprisingly though. The show focuses on the search for “the face” that may be the next top model in the tough fashion world industry. Naomi Campbell is not only an executive producer of the show, she is also a strong model coach for the up in coming models. Naomi also assembled a number of connections in the fashion world and the photography world that gives the winner of The Face a real chance at making it big in the industry.

Naomi Campbell’s words of advice to all people aspiring to make it big in the fashion world are to ensure you have a strong or defined personality along with “the face” to go with it. She points out that many of the models who have made it big of late have a large personality and a huge presence on social media. Not that having a large social media following truly matters, but it does imply these models are fun for people to follow because they have an exciting personality. Designers also like working with models that they can use for print advertisements and for commercials. If you have a big personality, it is easier to work well in commercials, on the runway and in print advertisements.

The English model Naomi Campbell has always had a big personality. Her success back in the eighties and nineties was not just because of her tall, lean frame that never gained a pound despite her claims she never diets. Even her beautiful face wasn’t the only reason why she succeeded in the industry. Her success was largely because of her big personality that made her stand out from the crowd of models. Of course having a towering height and a gorgeous face weren’t a drawback for her career. Her personality is just really what made her the most memorable of the top five supermodels of the nineties though.

John Goullet’s Midas Touch

Fifty-four-year-old John Goullet smiles confidently most of the time, given that he is responsible for founding of IF (Info Technologies) a solution-focused for the elite group of companies that have emerged as a member of the Fortune 500 Club. In less than five years, the value of his enterprise, commencing in the late 1990’s, reached over $30 million dollars, quite significant in that he started as an entrepreneur who worked hard, asked questions, kept company with the masters, and did his homework. He became a professional as assessing the market, the trends, and the difference between too prudent and too risque.

In 2010, Info Technologies and DIVERSANT Inc. made a merger happen between the two principals, Goullet and Gene Waddy, Owner of DIVERSANT to form DIVERSANT, LLC. Goullet has the savvy to understand that if there’s any constancy in the IT marketplace, it’s change, a progressive evolution that is as exciting and complex at a significantly higher rate than ever before concerning the stock exchange.

Their joint motto is, “empowered by difference.” This might mean to the rest of us watching from the bleachers, taking an outlier idea and making it real by hard work and study.

DIVERSANT takes a “consultant position” in their drive to aid their clients via teaching them critical thinking skills and finding solutions to any business hurdles by taking them on as unique and important business partners. It’s this team effort mindset that makes for unity, presenting their goals, and believing in the success of their ingenuity and hard work. As John Goullet is an innovator, so are the people he serves to make the union of power of 2.

More Sources on John Goullet:

A best friend in a bottle

Ladies, does your hair have that stripped or damaged appearance? Does your hair feel brittle and is constantly breaking on the ends? Is your natural hair hard to manage? Well, all these issues can easily be resolved with just 3 words: proper haircare products!

WEN is a natural haircare product developed by Chaz Dean. As a novice stylist, Chaz was enlisted by a former manager at a well-known Beverly Hills salon to develop a unique deep conditioning formula. With the success of that product, Chaz was later charged to develop a natural haircare product that did not strip your hair of its natural oils, but strengthened and beautified. WEN has been tested and shown to work on all hair types.

WEN products have paved the way in haircare by offering a no lather cleansing conditioner on Sephora. This cleansing conditioner is unique because it replaces the typical process of haircare (shampoo, condition, deep condition, detangle, and finally leave-in conditioner); therefore, eliminating unnecessary time spent on your hair. This cleansing agent follows a simple 3 step process. First, using your fingers you simply message the cleansing conditioner into the hair. Second, you allow the conditioner to set in the hair for several minutes. Third, you simply rinse the hair thoroughly. That’s it, simple and quick. This formula has also been designed to work as a leave-in conditioner.

It is important to choose the best haircare products to manage your haircare needs. These are products that do not leave the hair with a heavy residue or give your hair a greasy appearance. A good conditioner will detangle your hair, help manage frizz, and offer other benefits such as UV protection. When used as instructed, the proper haircare product will save you time and be your best friend in a bottle. Visit the Wen YouTube channel to learn more.





Dick DeVos Philanthropic Activities

Betsy DeVos is one of the most successful women in the United States. Her involvements in politics and philanthropic activities have made her very popular. When she was studying for her university education years ago, Betsy joined politics, and she has never looked back since then. In the past, she was chosen to be in charge of several party organizations and campaigns, and she did very well. She is currently the chairperson of the popular Michigan Republican. She has held this post for over six years.


Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, the owner, and founder of Amway, a privately owned corporation. The company has been operating for years, specializing in household, health, and personal care products. The company distributes its products through network sales and dealers.


Dick DeVos is married to Betsy. He started working for his family business in 1974. He has had the opportunity to hold different positions, especially in the operation departments. He was appointed to become the vice president in 1984. While holding this position, he managed the company operations in over eighteen nations, gaining a lot of experience.


In 1991, he was chosen by his father to be in charge of the National Basket Association which had been acquired by his family. He did very well in this position while maintaining his involvement in philanthropic activities. After two years, he returned to Amway, this time; he became the president.


Dick DeVos and his family have always earned the respect of the international community due to their generous donations to the communities around them. The family has made a lot of wealth in the past years, becoming one of the richest families in the country. Dick DeVos is the leader of many organizations that offer help to the local communities. He is also the co-founder if Educational Freedom, an organization that helps to fund education for students coming from low-income families in Michigan. He raises funds to enable these students to complete their studies.


Dick DeVos is the founder of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The businessman started the school in order to provide educational programs specializing in aviation to students in the country. The aviation school has done very well, helping many students from Michigan and other areas. His contributions and passion for education have made him get an appointment to the State Board of Education. Many students have acquired education in the country due to his donations.



Norka’s Fate in Music

Norka appreciates the fact that she comes from a far country. She is a member of one of the most blessed families in work. Her family is full of cultures, languages and life experiences which led her to understand her fate in the music industry. Music was part of her life as a child. Norka never used to sleep until her mother turned on the music. While she was still young, she understood her destiny. For the main reason that Emilio Estefan exists in the music industry, she burst into this industry through his assistance. He presented his work him for evaluation, he liked his piece and decided to work with him for greater perfection.

They produced the album Miracle. For this album, Emilio Estefan brought together his perfect team to fine-tune her. The team includes Archie Pena, Luigi Giraldo, the Ricardo brothers, Purto Rican, and Alberto Gaitan. This team was responsible for bringing sauce into music. They worked together and produced the album. The only thing that took long to determine is the genre of the music. The album was a fusion of pop and rock, tropical, ballads, and Rhythm.

Before presenting their work for the first tie, they took an opportunity to talk about their team. Emilio Estefan approved everything in the music. He was the steering manager of the production. He approved everything from the genre of the songs to their vocals. He determined every music instrument used. For this reason, everything came out as desired. He kept on stressing Norka even in video production. He is indeed a perfectionist in nature.

For this week, she rose from the ninth place in the Record report. This is a measure of the most favorite song and singer in Venezuela. The album Miracle has accrued considerable interest both in Venezuela and the United States. The song was also sung in English in the United States. It is gaining popularity in nightclubs. While her success is on the rise, she won a nomination award at the Female Pop Artist of the year.

In 2007, she realized the most stressful moments of her life. She gained excessive weight. However, this was a major change in her career. She never gave up. She worked tirelessly to bring it under management. She knew how far she wanted to go. She kept on losing weight. She was at her top when she presented herself as Miss Venezuela.