The SEC Whistleblower Attorney’s Role in promoting Integrity

The whistleblower program was introduced by U.S. security and exchange commission (SEC). The program was launched in July 2010 when President Obama assented to the Wall Street reform and consumer protection act.

The act introduced a whistleblower reward program which is run by a retired high ranking enforcement attorney for security and exchange commissions. The rewards are offered to individuals who report or submit tips about companies or individuals that violate the exchange commodity act.

The SEC rewards whistleblowers using 10 to 30 collectable sanctions. The sanctions are convertible to a specific monetary value that is paid from an investor protection fund run by SEC.

The whistleblower program works through the following steps:
1. The intake stage: In this stage, a whistleblower makes a submission to SEC. SEC then makes preliminary review to determine whether further investigations to the subject shall be conducted. If the office of the market intelligence (OMI) establishes that a submission warrant for more investigation, the office assigns the complaint to one of its regional offices.

If the office determines that a complaint requires no further investigation, the complaint is then designated as no further action (NFA). The whistleblower has a right to appeal the decision to classify his or her complaint as an NFA.

2. Tracking stage: In this step, the office in charge of the whistleblower assigns a staff member to monitor the progress of the investigative officer assigned to the submissions. The office also makes follow ups to ensure that the complainant is compliant with SEC’s terms. It also reviews the helpfulness of the information they have provided. The office also files and ensures safekeeping of the documents required to award whistleblowers.

3. Claiming the award: A whistleblower can claim a monetary award if the information he or she provided made a significant contribution to investigations or lead to a successful SEC action against the accused. If the monetary value of the sanctions claimed exceed $1 million, the whistleblower could receive the money as per stipulated in the awarding criteria.

A whistleblower has up to three months to claim his/her award by submitting a WB-APP application. The notice date and the due date of an award is displayed at the office of the whistleblowers website.

Since its inception, various awards have been paid out to whistleblowers. The awards range from tens of thousands to more than ten million dollars. When approving the disbursement of awards, the office of the whistleblower recommends including a package for the staff that handled the claim reviews.

Lovaganza: Take Your Place in History!

The word “peace” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a state of harmony within peoples or groups.” With so much turbulence and uncertainty in our existence at the moment, Lovaganza strives to connect everyone around the globe by celebrating people’s diversities and uniqueness. Lovaganza accomplishes this by holding special events, movies, and parties to link us all together.

Whether you are in Europe, Asia, Oceania, or any other part of the world, connections are key. Lovaganza is a beautiful worldwide event built upon the ideas of unity, peace, and sharing abundance. Take your place in history, celebrating differences and unification is what Lovaganza is all about. They want to bring peace and understanding in all parts of this wonderful planet we call Earth. A celebration of the world of tomorrow, and a future filled with hope, that is what Lovaganza is.

Let’s make it so the future generations don’t have to worry about conflicts and fighting. Let’s finally have uplifting stories make up the majority of the news. For one week, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, surprise events, lectures, and films in fifty different cities around the globe all come together to get a glimpse of what our future is going to look like; so that we may experience cultures we may otherwise not get a chance to explore, and improve our understanding of societies different than our own. To unify the world and create a world with more harmony for the current generation, as well as future ones, is the goal.

Worldwide understanding, a future filled with hope, and the vision of all people having a better life is the ultimate goal of Lovaganza. Whether one is rich or poor, sick or healthy, old or young; Lovaganza believes that a universal quality of life is possible for every single human being on this planet.

To improve the world, the only planet Earth, for the present and future generations is something that Lovaganza will be striving for years to come. With a combination of documentaries, events, and campaigns to bring awareness to this wonderful and meaningful idea called Lovaganza on, peace and a unified world will be a reality for everyone on our beautiful Earth.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

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Investing Banking and Martin Lustgarten’s Success

When you start to think about the current financial situation, there are literally questions that pop up each and every day. The fact of the matter is we live in a society that is becoming more complex than ever, and when you consider the actual way that trading occurs, it is becoming more technical than people can even understand. That is why when you are thinking about trading you may be able to go it alone and invest all by yourself. However, while some individuals do have success, the best option would be to consider working with the professionals who do it each and every day. Those professionals are investment bankers and the reason is they have access to so many different markets.

One of the top investment bankers within the financial sector is Martin Lustgarten. Not only has Martin Lustgarten started to make a name for himself because of his financial abilities in the business and operational realm of investing, but he has also started to make a name for himself because of his overall leadership. When you have someone who can do as much as Martin Lustgarten does in a given day but also be able to produce the ending results that people are looking for, then it makes sense why he is having as much success as he does.

Martin Lustgarten absolutely understands the world of finance. Investment strategies are not a problem and dealing with clients and markets alike are easy for him. However, it is about more than just the wealth management for Martin Lustgarten; it is about making sure that sound decisions are made in all areas of life and in all areas of the operation. When it comes to mentoring others (including clients), Martin Lustgarten is the person that has helped out countless individuals to better understand finance and business in general.

At the end of the day, you need to consider what it is you are really looking for when it comes to investment assistance. If you want to work with someone who truly understands what is best and who wants a long term relationship over short term profits, then Martin Lustgarten is the advisor for you.

Helane L. Morrison a Leader in Risk Management

The Wall Street Journal published an article on April 1, 2016, by Mara Lemos Stein titled, “Chief Risk Officers Are Taking on a Broader Role.” Ms. Lemos talks about the evolution of the roles of risk officers and where the expected changes are leading. It is anticipated that the role of chief risk officer will become how to measure and manage operational risk.
Helane L. Morrison is a leader in the new era of Chief Risk Officers. She has an extensive background including heading the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) from 1999. It is also worthy of note that she was the first female to hold this position at Hall Capital Partners LLC.
Ms. Morrison is currently employed by as general counsel for Hall Captial Partners and works as the managing director, chief compliance officer. Since joining the firm she has managed three investigations that led to enforcement action being taken against the Republic Securities of New York, auditors of California Micro Devices, and the Dean Witter
Ms. Morrison is quoted as saying, “In the past three years, I have worked along with all the other people on the enforcement side to strengthen our presence and impact and, as the head of the office, I want to keep the office’s momentum going,”
Helane L. Morrison is truly a leader in the Risk Management arena. She is setting new standards for both men and women in the position. Observing her career is inspiring to young attorneys just starting their practice.

Bury Bad Articles Match Made in PR Heaven


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