Marc Sparks Creates Entrepreneurial Success with Spark Tank

Marc Sparks is just one example of the many self-made individuals who have risen to the top through hard work and dedication, but every one of them is equally astounding. Sparks did not become a successful entrepreneur with a college or formal education. He was an average Texas high school student whose massive success few could have predicted, but he has a talent of his own. He has the calculating mind of a business man that Sparks refers to as his “grace of God.” Read more: @msparks5010

Now, he is at a point in his life where he has had the opportunity to operate numerous businesses and even write a book, They Can’t Eat You, about how he achieved his success. He has also had a hand in charity, donating money and time to worthy causes, particularly toward a homeless shelter in Texas called The Samaritan Inn.

More recently, Marc Sparks and his business partner Lynne Sipiora put their new idea, Spark Tank, into play. The concept behind this new program is to work with social service executives and find great business and entrepreneurial success. According to Sparks and Sipiora, those in the entrepreneur world are often creative individuals and have amazing ideas. Spark Tank’s job is to help these ideas be heard for the sake of social recognition.

Spark Tank is open for idea applications several times a year. To apply for Spark Tank, organizations must have been operational for at least two years. They can be services for animals, humans, or the arts. After the application deadline, three finalists are chosen and eventually, a single winner. For the 2016 year’s Round One, an April 27 deadline, the finalists were organizations Dogs Matter, House of Eli, and Metro Relief. Dogs Matter’s presentation and Q&A won the round, a trophy, and a prize of $5,000. The second round will take place through July 15, and the third round will take place through Oct. 15. The three winners will then compete in one finale battle for the year’s grand prize!

Sparks’ belief is that anyone can succeed. His most important tips for functioning in the business world include:

• Having faith and confidence in one’s work
• Practicing business strategy
• Being creative and offering new ideas
• Keeping it simple.

Along with these tips and a whole lot of passion, Sparks says that one of the most important things to remember is to be fair, respectful, and truthful in all cases. With these in mind, all people in business have a chance to make their dreams come true.

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Richard Blair Of Wealth Solutions Sheds Light On Life Insurance Types

Purchasing life insurance is often the first investment head of households make, but according to Richard Blair, Executive Director of Wealth Solutions, you many not select the right type. Of all the estate planning tools available, life insurance is the most flexible. Not only does it replace a financial loss resulting from death, but there are several advantages to buying a life insurance policy. “It can help with settlement purposes, and it can also be an opportunity to save for tax-deferred capital,” says Blair. Life insurance offers secure liquidity, and individuals can consider the key principal types.

1. Term Insurance. This insurance is temporary for a given period, such as 10, 15, or 30 years. You pay a fixed premium for its term, and if there’s no death during that period, you’ll get a renewal option. The premium typically rises, but term insurance requires the least amount of cash payments. It’s cheap insurance for a useful solution.

2. Whole Life Insurance. Generally, this insurance is divided into two parts: life risk protection and investment. The protection represents insurance to cover you in case of death. The investment represents your savings account in the policy, and creates a cash value. During the initial years after opening this type of policy, your premium goes toward fees, and over time the cash value increases, thus a larger share of the premium is added to the cash value.

3. Variable Universal Survivorship Life. This is a hybrid protection policy, packaged with stock investments that provide control and flexibility and tax advantages, and geared towards couples. The advantages include, insuring two lives, pays benefits upon second death, and builds cash value. It also offers flexible premium payments. Now, the market value will often fluctuate with market conditions.

How much life insurance and what kind of policy you purchase can be perplexing for most people, but it all comes down to your needs. The only realistic way to arrive at how much life insurance you’ll require is to assess that question in terms of what your dependents will require. The amount and kind of insurance you select should be sufficient to cover any deficiencies.

Providing Effective Financial Planning

Registered and certified financial planner, Richard Blair is the Executive Director of Wealth Solutions. For over 23 years, Blair has advised clients in designing the necessary documents to plan their future. Blair’ experience includes well thought out approaches to building a nest egg, while keeping tax benefits in mind. His philosophy stems from the basic tenets of proper asset allocation and diversification, and his diverse financial knowledge continues to be invaluable to his clients.

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Venezuela Says Goodbye To Coca-Cola

As Venezuela continues to spiral downhill, yet another major company has been forced to stop production. Coca-Cola, an American owned company, has been forced to halt production of their popular soft drink in Venezuela for the foreseeable future due to a lack of raw materials. The company announced that sugar free drinks would be unaffected, but the traditional products would no longer be made in the country.

Just one month ago the company lost beer when Empresas Polar, Jose Gonzalez’ favorite beer, was forced to shut down due to an inability to import enough barley. The country is teetering on the edge of collapse as company’s fall, food shortages grow, and inflation is forecasted to surpass 700%.
Just last week in a report from Linked In, President Maduro imposed a 60-day state of emergency to allow extra military exercises as his opposition that would like to unseat him grew in numbers and held often violent protests in the street and looting of areas for food and supplies. The exercises included two days of military drills that included flybys by strike jets while the state TV aired footage of tanks and troops preforming maneuvers that can be viewed here. The drills have been titled “Independence 2016” and involve around 520,000 soldiers and have been rumored to be aimed at the US, the country President Maduro claims is responsible for their problems.

Avi Weisfogel Lends His Support To Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel has started a GoFundMe campaign to benefit Operation Smile. Operation Smile,founded by Bill and Kathy Magee, started in 1982. The organization’s first reached out to help the children in the Philippines. From there, with a lot of hard work, the organization’s network now extends to over 80 nations. Operation Smile believes that all children should have access to safe surgery procedures no matter of location, income, nationality, or any other barriers that stand in their way. The organization works with doctors, hospitals, governments, and various others in order to see that children get the best care possible. Operation Smile also provides training to help professional stay up-to-date. Weisfogel, himself, believes that every child should be able to have access to the best medical care possible. It is because of his passion for creating amazing smiles, that he puts his support behind this organization. He believes that a beautiful smile makes a big difference in a child’s life. It is because of this passion, he started a GoFundMe campaign to support the efforts of this organization. Weisfogel is not a stranger to creating beautiful smiles. He is part of a dental practice in New Jersey and specializes in cosmetic dentistry. He is emphatic about staying on top of the latest technology and practices when it comes to his field. His passion leads to creating smiles and instilling confidence in people who otherwise did not have any before coming to see Dr Weisfogel.

How Many Other Options Does Dr. Walden Have Besides Surgery?

There are a lot of people who are afraid to go see a plastic surgeon because the do not want to go through surgery. They are scared of the prospects of being in surgery, and they are going to avoid it at all costs. There are other options that are not actually surgeries, but they are still going to help people look great. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a master of helping people look their best, and she has a lot of options in her office that are going to help people avoid surgeries.

The first thing that people are looking for is simple things like Botox, and Dr. Jennifer can help administer that when people come to the office. She knows that everyone has a different need, but she can talk someone through the process of getting the right dosage. She will help people understand what can be done to get their bodies into the right condition, and she can show people how it will work when she uses it in different areas.

The same thing is very true of other simple procedures because Dr. Jennifer know what the results are going to look like once she has complete her work. She wants to make sure that every person who comes to her can see what will happen when she does the work, and she wants to explain to her patients how it is going to work for them once they start a course of treatment. Some people are going to need just one appointment, but other people are going to need multiple appointments.

They can schedule their appointments when they come to see Dr. Jennifer, and it is important that everyone asks how long it will take to get their treatments done. People can work out their schedules to come to see Dr. Jennifer, and they will be able to change the way that they are going to look based on what she offers. Dr. Jennifer will tell people what can make them look the best, and then she can set up appointments for every patient to make a change.


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NutriMost Loss Results

It’s not every day that you see a doctor promoting a diet weight loss program. NYC Fat Loss reported on Dr. Rob Vasquez, a wellness enthusiast who is working towards making Alamo City a healthier community. But Dr. Vasquez wasn’t always healthy himself.
First, he had to manage his own medical issues that included allergies, asthma, and headaches. He did this through the discovery of programs that worked on improving his overall health.

Dr. Vasquez used NutriMost to shed 35 pounds within 40 days. He says, “The best part is that I lost over 60 pounds, and that was a year ago, and I’ve been able to keep it off.”
He continues with saying,”I struggled with my weight my entire adult life; I would try different diet programs: prepackaged meals, powders, shakes- you name it, I did it. And I would always get stuck.”
His frustration led him to seek ways to help others that were stuck in his similar, prior situation. His office in San Antonio offers NutriMost to everyone. NutriMost clients have experienced improvements in a variety of serious medical conditions, including Type 2 diabetes, chronic pain, high blood pressure, psoriasis and low energy. This is done through examining the body and analyzing an individual’s eating habits.

There are five approaches that NutriMost uses to get you healthy:

• Conduct a Body Composition Analysis of Your Weight, Body Mass Index, Fat Percentage, and Body Water Percentage
• Find Out What Foods Cause You to Lose Weight
• Educate You On Good Sugars and Bad Sugars
• Suggest You Eat More Vegetables
• Promote Organic Food Purchases
The above list outlines the process. For more details visit or call the Vasquez and his NutriMost San Antonio team at 844-505-THIN. Don’t wait, contact us to help you with a better you!
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Losing Weight in a New Way

In a time where people are looking at new ways to lose weight and get into better shape on, there is always an option that you can try out. One of the ways to do so is called NutriMost. Although there is still not a lot of information about this weight loss system on, it is quickly gaining in popularity.

One of the main goals of NutriMost is to help people achieve a healthy life. They take a different approach to this than most weight loss companies. They want to understand what causes the health concerns for each individual. Understanding the body and why it works the way it does is a large part of gaining control back of your body and losing the weight on that is the goal of many Americans.

The effectiveness of the approach that NutriMost takes is clearly seen in the results of the many people who have included NutriMost in their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Taking the time to understand the reasons behind what is going on with your body can help you feel in control and like you actually have a choice about what happens to your body. The NutriMost system on nutrimostrecipes has plenty of advantages to offer everyone who has ever considered looking into a healthier lifestyle.

When Labor Costs Get Out Of Hand Brian Bonar ‘s Dalrada Financial Corporation Brings Them Back In Line

There are so many business issues that can impact the bottom-line profits of small and medium size companies. Brian Bonar, the San Diego entrepreneur, has spent 30 years developing an outsourcing program that can cut costs and increase profits. Bonar’s company, Dalrada Financial Corporation, is one of the best Professional Employment Organizations in the industry.

Small companies that can’t figure out why labor costs are out-of-control call Dalrada for help. At times, human resource and payroll issues extend beyond the scope of knowledge that small and medium size companies have. Dalrada helps those companies develop an effect time and resource management plan that brings costs down.

Brian Bonar has been in the financial industry for more than 30 years. He is a recipient of the Cambridge, Who’s Who® executive of the year award, and he is the Chairman of Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc. Modern Luxury believes that Brian Bonar is also a local San Diego entrepreneur that is in the process of developing an entertainment venue in the city. He owns the new French Bistro, Bellamy’s and he plans to open other restaurants in the area.

Brian Bonar knows that time can be a villain when it comes to managing IT issues. That’s what Dalrada has developed a strong IT department. Dalrada has an excellent program that troubleshoots Information technology challenges. The company takes a holistic approach when identifying labor cost issues, employee benefit packages, and payroll deficiencies.

Companies that have a few salaried employees don’t need Dalrada and the services the company offers, according to Bonar. But companies that offer more than one benefit plan and have rising internal labor costs need Dalrada’s services. When organizations start to grow and are unfamiliar with the regulations that change frequently, Dalrada services are important.

Bonar likes to tell clients to look at subscription costs or the maintenance costs that are bleeding the company of profits. Some companies have systems in place for time keeping and approval methods, but as companies grow that’s not enough ––inc./salary/470203#.Vye_cEURW4E.

Many of the current information technology programs lack important updates and without the updates companies can be penalized by government agencies. Bank deposits, mobile applications, and state-of-the-art payroll and benefit systems are part of the Dalrada small and medium size outsourcing package – Brian Bonar – Entrepreneurship is my Passion |

Most companies don’t know what they are missing until a Dalrada professional analyzes their business model. Many companies think they fly under the radar, and they neglect to follow filing dates and other deadlines.

The team at Dalrada handles all the issues that can destroy a small business. Bonar has been saving companies for years. Bonar named his company after the British “Stone of Destiny,” and he uses the qualities that are inherent in the stories about the stone to manage his businesses.