Trying Out Skout For The First Time Was Exciting

There was a very exciting article that came my way about a new social media platform called Skout. It is one of those applications that allows you to meet new people in your area, but this one provides a really special experience for users, and I heard that it is extremely easy to find real friends on their platform. People are flocking to this application in search of real relationships of all types: online friends, real life friends and even romantic relationships. It is incredible to imagine what types of new individuals that one can meet on their phone without leaving the home. The article was from Adweek. Let’s talk a little more about Skout’s platform and the types of things you can do on their network.

What Is Using Skout Like?

When I introduced the concept to my current real life friends, this is the first questions that they asked me. My friends, and myself as well, are from a generation that is older and not used to these types of applications on our phones helping us make a bigger circle of friends. However, I gave it a try, and I was quite pleased, so I decided to introduce it to my real life friends. I even decided to introduce one of my new friends from Skout into my circle of real life friends. The two groups got along really well, and we still get together for drinks or coffee every week.

Skout’s application is really fun, and it is quite easy to use as well. You can download it for free, and even though Skout uses a points system for in app purchases, the application is completely free to use. You do not need to buy points, but you will always have that option. The points are not necessary to search, message, view profiles or any of the necessary operations. However, using points will make the entire experience more engaging. You can gain more attention by using points on Skout. There are also free ways to earn extra points.

Sanjay Shah Offers Insight to New Entrepreneurs

Recently, Sanjay Shah granted an interview to Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. On the show hosted by Eric Dye, entrepreneurs gain business advice, motivation, information as well as inspiration from entrepreneurs all over the world. On the interview, the Autism Rocks and Solo Capital founder provided much insight on a range of topics as well as advice on how to become a successful business owner. He also spoke of the motivation behind Autism Rocks.

According to Sanjay, the most important thing that anyone thinking of starting a business should never underestimate is the amount of money one needs to start. He continues to advise aspiring business owners not to assume that they can do all the work themselves.

Since starting his work with Autism Rocks, Mr. Shah has combined his passion for music and his love for family with his entrepreneurial drive with a view of funding autism research and create awareness of the neurological disorder.

Sanjay Shah started his journey by studying medicine. He later realised that this was not what he desired and later became an accountant working for various investment banks that include Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. He went on to form Solo Capital after being made redundant in the 2009 recession.

Shah founded Autism Rocks with the aim of developing awareness on autism and raising money to go toward research on the same. The organization achieves all this through concerts and partnerships with world-class recording artists. Shah’s youngest son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4. While having a cup of tea with Snoop Dogg, Shah developed the idea of raising money by staging various gigs. In 2014, the first Autism Rocks concert was held. Since then, the concerts have featured artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Snoop Dogg, Drake as well as well-known DJs.

Solo Capital Markets is a London based financial services firm founded by Sanjay Shah in 2011. The firm was in March 2015 reported to be worth £15.45 million, with assets totaling £67.45 million and a cash flow amounting to £30.26 million.


Healthy Food for Your Dog

We all want the best for those we love, including the four legged members of our families. New innovations in healthy food explains the surge in premium dog food sales. The $23.7 billion pet food industry now has foods specifically created for any dog.

With natural, organic and refrigerated foods available, it is a new eat like your owner strategy. Some of these gourmet dog foods look and smell almost as good as the food on our own dining room tables. Dog food companies are trying to come up with the latest innovation that dog owners just can not live without.
One traditional brand that is stepping up in the face of competition from gourmet dog food producers is Beneful. Beneful, from Purina, is a nutritious dog food for happy, healthy pets. PurinaStore meets or exceeds every FDA, USDA, and AAFCO requirement so you can be confident feeding your dog Beneful.
There is a Beneful product on Wal-Mart for every dog. They have eight choices of dry dog food, including Puppy, Healthy Weight, and two Incredibites varieties for small breeds. If you prefer to feed man’s (or woman’s) best friend a wet food, there is four choices in various flavors.
At a loss as to which food is right for your dog with all the brands, types and ingredients? It can be a bit overwhelming. Most pet food companies have easy to navigate websites to help. Check their Youtube Channel out (, do your research and know you are giving your dog exactly what he needs.

A White Shark Media Review Is Revealing To Potential Clients

White Shark Media seeks to help clients with their search engine marketing and pay per click advertising goals. Google and Bing AdWords provide a fantastic way to attract a significant audience of potential customers. The costs of reaching customers are far lower than other types of advertising. As a result, profits could end up being larger thanks to the lesser advertising overhead.

Trying to launch such an advertising program without experience, however, may be a bad idea. Hiring a firm with an exceptional, well-skilled staff is the better way to go. White Shark Media definitely fits such a description.

White Shark Media reviews do reflect a number of positive sentiments from current and previous clients. On the testimonial page of the company’s website, many reveal they are thrilled with the results received from working with the firm. They are pleased at the low costs associated with running an AdWords campaign, and they are even more pleased at the increase in revenues received.

Indeed page shows that the testimonials do reflect a positive sentiment towards the customer service received. All members of White Shark Media do work very hard to make sure customers are thrilled with their experience. For a new company, White Shark Media does deserve a lot of credit for running a mostly smooth ship.

Some issues have been raised by customers as no company is perfect. White Shark Media took feedback from these individuals very seriously, and has taken numerous steps to improve in specific areas.

Communications, as a wing of customer service, has been given numerous boosts. The phone system has been upgraded so it is easier to reach sales representatives, managers, and, of course, SEM specialists. Meetings with SEM specialists can be facilitated online through special Go2Meeting streaming setups once a month.

White Shark Media has made numerous public commitments to address customer complaints. The firm has done so on its blog and on its YouTube channel. profile shows that those who read the White Shark Media review page may have questions regarding services offered. A quick call to a customer service representative will answer any questions and, possibly, set things in motion to turn over PPC management tasks to the company.

More details about White Shark Media can be found at

Insights on Investment by Igor Cornelsen

Investing is the one sure way one is able to get good returns. Long gone are the days in which people relied on their salaries to sustain their life style. Now days the cost of living is so high that people have resorted to other alternative ways of getting money. One such way is investing.

In the year 2014 Brazil’s economy was not that good and most of the public banks suffered. Nonetheless two top private banks experienced some tremendous growth due to the increase in the number of customer base which means a slight increase also in their profit margins. Brazilian financial institutions have gone to an extend where they only lend money to reliable and trusted customers so that they feel some sense of security when their money is out there.

Igor Cornelsen who according to is the best Brazilian banker and investor had some insights into the fiscal management of Brazilian Economy. He states that the government ought to make reforms in the banking sector to enable investors to set foot into Brazilian and invest their cash in different available investment sectors in the country.

Brazil is the leading exporter of raw materials to China. The country ought to give incentives to investors so that they can explore Brazilian markets. What investors want is a sense of security knowing that where they have invested their cash is safe and will give them good returns.

Brazil is the world largest country with its citizen population also is high. There are many investment opportunities available in the infrastructural sector because of the ever growing population. Brazil also has quite a number of natural resources and is the worlds’ top food producer. Igor Cornelsen is of the view that the government should make the investing climate attractive so that Brazil can attract investors.

The Brazilian president’s move to appoint Joaquim Levy as the finance minister has been welcomed by many including the top investors like Igor. Joaquim’s views on fiscal management and his strategies are so good and his approach on fiscal matters is all that Brazil has been yearning for. Banks are very optimistic that he would bring the much needed change in the banking sector considering that his approach is much more different than the president’s. Joaquim hold a PhD from Chicago University and has previously worked with International Monetary Fund. He brings a wide and vast knowledge into the finance docket of the Brazilian government and is expected to steer the country into success.

Igor Cornelsen who is a long term investor in Brazil gives out some advice on investments. He urges people to invest in many small firms instead of investing in one large firm because it is risky to invest in one considering it does not bring returns. Investing in many means at the end of the day one will get out with something as opposed to one if it runs into a loss.

Fabletics for Everyday Wear

Fabletics is the athletic gear that is getting a lot buzz in the United States and abroad. This is the company on that Kate Hudson is spearheading. Many people are thrilled that they now have the chance to workout in something that is stylish and fashionable. The reality, however, is that many people do not like to buy a regular wardrobe and spend money on a completely different workout wardrobe. That can get costly, but Kate has provided a solution that women are taking heed to. Hudson and her team has created Fabletics clothing that is good for working out and everyday wear.

There is nothing better than looking stylish when you are out on the town, and Fabletics has you covered with an array of different garments. People are absolutely thrilled by what this company has managed to do in the last several years with sportswear that you can also use for running errands on a night out on the town. There are cute patterns and outfits like the Seahorse and Tidal Wave that can be worn in a variety of places on It doesn’t matter if you are in the mall buying shoes or working out at a gym in the new shoes you just purchased, Fabletics has something to fit your needs.

What is even better about the company on is that you don’t have to worry about wasting lots of time picking out these clothes. When people go to the Fabletics site they can instantly get the chance to start a survey. They will be asked what type of exercise they do the most. They will also be asked what type of clothes they are looking for. In less than a minute this data is compiled in order to yield the results of clothes that might interest you. That is something that has made the Fabletics on instagram brand stand out among the competition.

Women can see the clothes that fit their lifestyle and sign up for a subscription. They can then get their card charged monthly for an automatic shipment of Fabletics clothing each month to build up their wardrobe.

Emily McClure And Her Wen Experiment

Chaz Dean is the founder of Wen conditioning shampoos. Dean was an individual that was always interested in beauty and fashion. Dean started off his career as a photographer, and as he got more into the industry, he realized what things made people look attractive. One of the main things that was important was hair. Because of that fact, Dean decided that he wanted to get into the haircare field. Dean went to school to be a cosmetologist, and he was very successful in the field of cosmetology. Soon Dean was working with some very important names. After his move to Los Angeles, Dean began working with companies to create hair care products.

Chaz Dean realized that one of the biggest issues with hair products was that they would strip hair of its natural oils. Dean wanted to be able to create a hair product that would replenish hair while at the same time cleanse it. Dean created Wen cleansing conditioner. It is a series of different types of hair cleansers that also work as conditioners. The Wen cleansing system leaves hair feeling cleansed and refreshed at the same time. Many women and men alike love using Wen in their haircare regiment.

Emily McClure from the Bustle did an experiment with Wen cleansing conditioner. McClure is an individual that has fine hair, and she wanted to see if the infomercials were true. McClure decided to use Wen haircare products for seven days. McClure lives a very busy life, and at the end of the day she usually washes her hair. The first day she used WEN cleansing conditioner she was surprised by the amount of product that she had to use on her hair. McClure followed the directions and ended up with shiny and bouncy hair.

The next seven days proved to be interesting, because McClure never received the same results. For some days she felt like her roots were greasy, and other days she felt like her hair was shiny and healthy. McClure received compliments from facebook friends and family about the look of her hair, and that definitely boosted her confidence in the product. In the end, Mcclure does believe that WEN products are available through ebay, and she believes that Wen is a cleansing conditioner that she will definitely keep in her shower.