Doe Deere Breaks all the Rules

Lime Crime CEO and fearless unicorn Doe Deere doesn’t adhere to the standard fashion rules. She suggests you do the same. She suggests too much of everything. Too much fun, too much color, and too much personality. For Doe fashion rules are suggestions, suggestions she chooses to ignore. Her approach to fashion is one of creativity and fun. Why not show off those gorgeous socks? Don’t hide them behind the closed toed shoes or pants. Show them off.

Doe Deere started Lime Crime as an Ebay store front, since then its growth and the principals that drive her and the company have pushed her into the forefront of the cosmetic business world. Her drive to bring color to the world and embracing the uniqueness of her own personality has driven Lime Crime since its inception. Her faith in her own choices and her sense of style has guided the bright colored business of Lime Crime.

Doe says “unicorns are people who were born different, are aware of it and proud.” Lime Crime and Doe aim to show women that color and personality are powerful. Often, Doe is pictured in a dazzling array of color and flair. She admits to being “bad” at makeup for a long period of her adult life, but that didn’t stop her from being bold and brave with her color choices. Posting pictures of her experimental makeup looks online all while trying not only new colors, but new things. Stage and theater makeup, glued on rhinestones, and even a multitude of colored glitters all at once. Doe still tries every product and color before it goes into production to ensure that everything made Lime Crime fits with the style and vision of the company.

Lime Crime and Doe’s approach style with a sense of whimsy and personality. Embracing the idea of being a unicorn, someone who is brave and colorful. Being a unicorn isn’t just a choice to them, being a unicorn is an approach to life, a philosophy, a driving vision that influences everything in their life, not just makeup and fashion. Lime Crime and Doe break all the fashion rules to embrace their personality.

Nobilis Health: Towards a Vigorous Nation.

Nobilis Health strives to provide superior medical care, affordable health care and good customer ratings due to its leadership that manages and develops more than 100 surgical centers across the United States. The health care and management services center capabilities include developing and maintaining of surgical centers, staff management, Point of care marketing, legal, direct to consumer marketing, revenue cycle management, facilities management, patient recruitment, mergers and acquisitions, physician marketing, among others. The team of surgeons backing up the company offer surgeries such as podiatry, general surgery, ENT (Otolaryngology), gastrointestinal scopes, pain management, general surgery and spine surgery.

The outpatient surgery centers are located in Dallas, Arizona and in Huston, Texas. The management team is made up of Harry Fleming, who has a 25 years’ experience in legal corporate finance and security law. Kenny Klein, the current CFO has more than five years worked as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Menninger Clinic. Other members of management include Patrick Yoder the Executive Vice President of Sales, the VP of Operations Michael Nelson, Barry Katz, and Neil Badlani the VP of Medical Affairs.

In the stock market analysis, the company has good ratings and are expected to improve. Mackie Research Capital experts did a research, which further points out a significant improvement of the share by up to 72% within a year. This progress in its shares is due to the increase in acquiring more healthcare facilities through agreements like the accord that led to the adoption of Northstar Healthcare. Current trends indicate an increase in aged population thus raising the demand for healthcare services which is the main focus of Nobilis Health. That effect will improve the share value of the company.



A Fresh Take on Dog Food

There appears to be a movement going on all across the word towards a healthier lifestyle. More and more people are making a conscious effort to become healthier beings and their families are being included in this journey. Fresh natural food for the family is a tremendous aspect of the movement. The family pet has not been exempt from this, after all, they are part of the family as well. Countless families are now taking considerable measures to be sure that their animal family member is receiving just as good, fresh and nutritious food as everyone else in the household.

This movement has dog food companies rethinking their traditional views on dog food and becoming more mindful of the ingredients that go into their dog food products. According to the Daily Herald, Wall Street is skeptical of the success of companies jumping into this movement. Many are using fresh chicken and beef, which can be costly, along with high-quality grains to create masterpieces which no longer emit that loathsome smell of dog food. With flavors like lasagna and beef stroganoff, the aroma is more like a gourmet dinner than a bowl of animal food. Some even say the taste is close to something we would eat as humans.

Big companies, like Beneful, have implemented these new ideas into their company. The company has introduced new, intriguing flavors such as Tuscan Style Medley and Savory Rice and Lamb Stew.Beneful has even gone as far to allow Purinastore customers to design their own dog food using their website. The company uses experts like Kevin, who has extensive knowledge in the farming industry, to be sure that they only use the best when choosing ingredients for their pet food.

In addition to providing appetizing food, Beneful also pays close attention to nutrition. With the creation of high-quality food designed for weight loss and separate recipes for older dogs, Beneful is ahead of the ball when it comes to providing high-quality nutritious food. The company also keeps a team of experts and nutritionist on staff to ensure Beneful keeps to their promise of high quality, delectable healthy food.



Doe Deere: Innovative Thinker, Beauty Master

Doe Deere likes to think outside the box in every area of her life, including the make-up she wears and clothes she puts on before going out to face the world. As an innovative thinker and beauty master, Deere is passionate about constructing new looks with little to no regard for conventional ideologies and expected modes of being and knowing. Deere’s beauty reality is guided by her own independently attained knowledge and mood, not the normative regimes that govern society and individual behavior. Over the course of her career as a beauty expert, Deere has defied numerous prescriptions and proscriptions regarding how people should adorn their bodies. Some of the rules she has defied include:

1. Don’t Ever Wear Loud Clothing Colors With Unnatural Hair Shades.

It’s no secret that dying one’s hair is a wonderful mode of self-expression that enables individuals to establish and publicly declare their unique identity. However, even people who step outside existing boundaries to express themselves with unnatural hair colors like pink and green may find that they are still oppressed by beauty standards regarding what clothes they can wear. Specifically, some fashion gurus state that individuals with unnatural hair colors should not wear bright clothing but rather stick to neutral shades like black and gray. Deere is not on board with this modality. Instead, she believes in wearing all types of shading with unnatural hair colors, including but not limited to pink and blue.

2. Don’t Wear Too Much Color On Your Face.

Deere is inclined to break this rule on a regular basis. She loves using multiple shades of color on her face rather than conforming to the neutral or near-neutral aesthetic that more muted shadings create.

Doe Deere: Where She’s Going And Where She’s Been

Beauty is a realm that Doe Deere has been immersed in since childhood. From the time that she was but a girl, Deere could be found experimenting with cosmetics. As a big lover of the aesthetic sector, Deere was passionate about dressing up and playing with her physical appearance to see the wide spectrum of looks she could create through the power of her own mind.

Despite the fact that her talent for the cosmetic sector didn’t fully develop until she was in her 20s, Deere remained deeply committed to the beauty domain. Once her skill set improved, she launched her own business, Lime Crime. This cosmetics business provides consumers with a medium through which to express their individuality in an aesthetically appealing, highly creative manner!

Kyle Bass is Successful But Not Ethical

Kyle Bass has made millions of dollars investing. While he has had his ups and downs professional in terms of investments panning out, he has made a good living. However, just because someone makes a good living does not mean what they do is desirable, even if what they do is not against the law. Kyle Bass is the perfect example of this. He has made money and he most likely will continue to find a way to make money, but the way he does it is not desirable and he is actually making money off of the heartbreak and tears of other individuals around the United States. So, while he is successful in his own right, he is not necessarily ethical.

Investment ethics is really up for determination. Some people might just call it business, others might call it disgusting. It just comes down to who you are and what side of the tracks you are own. It can also come down to attitude. If someone is simply making a business decision and that is that, there will be others who understand it. Kyle Bass takes pleasure in what he does though. There are plenty of interviews where he has laughed at how he made money and how he has become successful on the backs of other people.

So, how did all of this come about? Nearly a decade ago, the entire housing market collapsed. There were many people and investors who saw this coming. Just the way mortgage loans were handed out which helped raise the value of prices at a level that simply could not be sustained. Eventually, the variable interest rate loans caught up with people who did not have the money to pay off the loans. They ended up losing their homes and also still owed money on their homes. Millions of people around the United States suddenly found themselves homeless and yet still owning hundreds of thousands of dollars. Kyle Bass swooped in and purchased these subprime loans. Essentially, every single time someone lost their home and still owed money, Kyle made money off of it. The more people suffered financially, the more he gained. All of this resulted in him making millions of dollars while many in the United States struggled just to make ends meet.

Now, it is always important to realize for every action there is a reaction. This is true in the world of investing. When the market goes down in one way, there is a flip side of it. Kyle just happened to make his money off of it and laugh as he did it. Now he is looking to do it again and it is why many just do not like the way he invests.

Pittsburgh Steelers Clothing Makes a Comeback

Susan McGalla is turning a new page in NFL history as the Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is not a position that is commonly held by women for any NFL team. That makes her a powerful executive that is blazing trails for women in corporate America. This is not the only reason that her name is taking a front seat on the minds of Pittsburgh Steelers fans though. She is also the executive that is in charge of the clothing campaign. McGallas has managed to lure a lot of customers back to the clothing line for the Steelers by revamping what is available for customers to choose. The clothing industry is something that McGalla is very familiar with, and any company that has her in charge of the clothing line is in good hands. Susan McGalla is from Pittsburgh so she already has a vested interest in the city. She is a native that has learned football from her father and brother. That has given her the ability to learn the game and know the type of fans that she is trying to reach. This gives her the ability to truly build on the audience that she has in the NFL. Fashion is something that she is already familiar with so it has been easy for her to lure more customers. She is a branding expert, and she has even worked as a consultant on her own after reaching CEO status. It is safe to say that Susan knows every aspect of the business. The clothing Facebook campaign is a step in the right direction because she knows that the fan support will boost the spirits of the players. Everyone does not have the ability to market football clothing, but Susan has found an exciting way to present these new garments. She has managed to assert herself and introduce the clothing to a wide range of customers. Young adults and middle aged fans have something to look forward to. This brand new campaign is bound to attract some consumers that have never even purchased any sports gear before.

Technology Leader Shaygan Kheradpir Appointed CEO of Coriant

Recently launched in 2013, Coriant is a leading company which deals with the sale of hardware and software for optical transmission. The company became independent from Nokia Siemens Networks as it was an affiliate company. Despite Coriant’s youth they have skillfully managed to stand out in the market, serving leading network providers in over 100 countries. Much of their success can be attributed to the talented professionals and great management they started off business with.

Operating a successful enterprise in a competitive market is difficult for most to achieve. However, Coriant has been able to stay on track and and maintain their standards while they overcome the rising competition and challenges. The talented individuals behind Coriant are able to provide ideas leading to further development of unique products and cater for the needs of the market by assessing feedback from their customers. The achievements they have recorded within a relatively short period show promise for a great future.

Coriant has taken into consideration that leadership is something that impacts any business, leading the company to hire Shaygan Kheradpir as CEO. As a renowned electrical engineer with an admirable past record coming from Verizon, where he became the company’s first CIO. His skills in market analysis and strategy formulation as well as being a recognized business and technology leader with extensive industry experience, will work to help take Coriant to higher levels.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s main strength is his ability to help network operators create flexible and scalable networks. Kheradpir hit the ground running at Coriant, working closely with Coriant’s management team since early 2015. He feels he can bring new innovating ideas to Coriant by building new systems that can handle increased traffic patterns and data growth. There is no industry in the world that is moving faster than the technology industry and Shaygan Kheradpir believes the team at Coriant has the expertise to reach the next level of growth.

Living A Hassle-free Life At The Manse On Marsh

People who are in their retirement years suffer from pain and other health related issues at least once in their lives. Some will experience these conditions multiple times. The pain may become excruciating making their everyday life challenging. Being in the middle of a bad health problem can create other issues as well. It can feel difficult to imagine normal life and live it once again.

The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility dedicated to seniors and people living with underlying health condition. It is located under the serene environment of San Luis Obispo. The facility is at a close proximity to a wide range of restaurants, malls and other places of interest in this town of beaches. This facility offers its residents a number of things to make their daily task a breeze, such as meals, cleaning service, laundry service, private accommodation, transportation, entertainment and medical care. When seniors are in pain or life brings in anxious moods, it can also be tempting to try nursing homes and other health clinics. For people living at the Manse on Marsh, there is no need to approach such expensive places. Instead, they can avail these features inside the campus itself. The Manse on Marsh has a team that will take care of their medical needs as well.

It is important to understand what options are available at the Manse on Marsh, and a lot of them are outlined in the new commercial. This means understanding what you can expect to find in the facility. When it comes to life after retirement, the reality is that most people will find it non-affordable to live on their own. The Manse on Marsh, on the other hand, will work with each and every residents living here and make sure their needs are met according to their budget. Understanding this fact and many others can influence what options you are prepared to consider. There is a good chance of recovery in this facility than anywhere else if daily tasks are a burden for you. On a similar note, many residents who have lived here for decades consider it their best option for a successful and peaceful life. For most people, there will be no point going anywhere else because the Manse on Marsh has it all under one roof.

The Manse on Marsh is also a facility where one can take advantage of perks offered by the management. For seniors who can’t drive, chauffeurs will be provided. The residents can also make use of library and public offices that are within a short distance from this facility. In essence, the Manse on Marsh is a comprehensive assisted living facility for people in and around San Luis Obispo and a very affordable one as well.  Follow the Manse on Twitter, and they also have a blog that explains everything that’s going on.