Some Straight Talk About Some Of The Top Texas Doctors.

When it comes to doctors, they are something we just should not avoid. Let’s face it, doctors have a very important job to do and their job helps us to keep healthy and look and feel better. When you live in the state of Texas and need to see a doctor you have many options. Lucky for everyone, many of the top Texas doctors are within reach when you need them. For example, in Houston there is an MD by the name of Vivek P. Kushwaha M.D. Dr. Kushwaha is a spine surgeon who can help people obtain life changing results. When there is pain or trama and surgery is an option, Dr. Kashwaha might be able to help.

As you might imagine, there are many types of doctors and each one specializes in a certain type of medicine. For example, a woman in Texas might want to see Dr. Cheryl C. Kinney. Dr. Kinney is certified to practice in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is listed as one of the top doctors in Texas. She is located in the Dallas area. When you are a woman dealing with things like menopause, pelvic surgery or any woman’s health issues, Dr. Cheryl Kinney could be the doctor to go see.

When you want to look better and feel better, perhaps cosmetic plastic surgery is an option. Many women and men today are using cosmetic surgery to make reduce lines on their face, breasts and body. Doing this is making them feel better about themselves and making them look better too. One of the most highly recommended top Texas doctors in this field is Dr. Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC. Dr. Walden is a cosmetic plastic surgeon with years of experience. In December of 2014, Dr. Walden was voted a Texas Super Doctor and recognized in an issue of Texas Monthly. Dr. Walden is in the Austin Texas area and has extensive experience in the cosmetic care of the face, breast and body.

The good thing about using a doctor like Dr. Jennifer Walden is that she solely specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery. The benefits for you are, she knows what she is doing and has achieved some of the highest degrees in her field of expertise. You can rest assured that Dr. Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon who has attained a very high degree of recognition from her peers and many professional achievements. Now that you know about the top doctors in Texas, you are in a much better position to make an informed choice regarding your doctor. Visit her website for more news and information.

Beneful, A Top Brand that offers Quality Food for Dogs

There has been a high demand for dog food in the market. Dogs are better suited to consume meat because of their sharp and pointed teeth. However, over time dogs have managed to adapt to vegetable diets. Just like human beings, dogs require proper nutrition. Therefore, to live healthy lives, they require a variety of foods like vegetables, meat and grains, which are rich in nutrients and vitamins. Additionally, dogs need a balanced diet that should be given in moderate sizes due to their active nature. Over feeding dogs may result in expanded waistlines, which may target to diseases like diabetes. Generally, the amount of food that a dog is fed depends on three factors namely; the age of the dog, its ideal weight, and activity levels. Active dogs may need a lot of exercise thus requiring more food compared to other dogs. Dog foods are easily available in the market. From their packaging, a dog owner can identify the kind of ingredients contained in a product. With many dog food manufacturers spread across the world, the foods come in different varieties. In most cases, dog foods are prepared in three categories that include wet foods, dry foods, and semi most foods. Among the leading companies that manufacture dog foods is Purina. It is the largest dog and pet food manufacturer in the United States. Globally, it ranks second. Purina is the manufacturer of the Beneful brand on Walmart that consists of dry foods, wet foods, and treats. The Beneful dog foods are produced with whole ingredients like real meat that dogs love. The dog products are found in different flavors. Dog owners can try different products, as all the dog food products are healthy and nutritious. Beneful dog foods are made under strict supervision at each stage of the manufacturing process. The products are of high quality standard. Dog foods under the Beneful brand are offered with different tastes and textures that nourish the dogs. For over 25 years, Beneful dog food has offered dogs with complete balanced diets. Beneful wet foods, dry foods, and treats are provided in over twenty varieties.

All Five Of My Dogs Eat Beneful Regularly

I have five dogs that live in my house, and I’m not kidding when I tell you that it’s like a party in my home every day. I love my dogs tremendously, but it can be quite difficult to take care of so many dogs at once. I said that after I got my second dog I would be finished with purchasing dogs, but I ended up getting three more. I honestly can’t say I’m done with buying more dogs, but for now, I’m content with my five dogs. Every single day is a challenge when it comes to getting the dogs to do what they are supposed to. I have a puppy, and he gives me the most trouble. The puppy was given to me when he was slightly malnourished, and I’ve had to buy the best food for him, just to make sure that gains the weight that he needs to. I chose to buy Beneful out of every other dog food out there, and it’s because of the fact that Beneful has a high-quality dog food just for puppies. Since I started feeding my puppy Beneful, he’s gained enough weight to where he no longer has to go in for monthly veterinarian visits. I have a dog that is slightly older than the puppy, but he’s a year old. That dog is well-nourished, and I can feed him any brand of Beneful that I choose. My other three dogs are different breeds, but they are around the same age, and this makes it much easier when I’m feeding the last three dogs. I feed the two smaller dogs puppy food, but the other three dogs will get any kind of Beneful that they want. I have really stocked my home with many kinds of Beneful, and it costs me a small fortune on Petco. Beneful is a very well made dog food, and the protein and nutrients in the food help keep my dogs full and satisfied every time they eat. I was purchasing a different dog food before, but I noticed that the dogs were craving extra amounts of foods throughout the day. After switching to Beneful brand foods for the older dogs, I began having fewer problems with the dogs eating numerous times a day. Another thing that I enjoy doing is taking the dogs for a walk. The dogs have massive amounts of energy because they eat Beneful on a daily basis. I can’t just take one dog on a walk at a time, all five of them have to go out once. The dogs tend to get jealous if I showered one dog with more attention than the others, so I try my best to give each dog the special attention they need. My husband doesn’t deal with the dogs as much as I do, but he does help out some. I have really paid a lot of attention to the health of my dogs by taking them to regular vet visits and feeding them Beneful.

Technological Advancement And The Man Behind It

Creators who bring their intellect to popular tech products aimed for consumer on use are a dime a dozen, the creative genius and proper handling of consumer products in general is a specialized skill not many have. Add in the wide spread niche of technological products with a proper usage and operations and it’s even more rare to find someone with that much dedication. Shaygan Kheradpir is a man that has made his way during the revolution of technology in the midst of its transition from the early development stages to apps that are now used for daily life.

Kheradpir grew up in Iran then moved to the United States for college and earned a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University. Shaygan Kheradpir’s landed his first job in 1987 at GTE Laboratories where he worked on network routing, management, and control. He eventually became their Chief Information Officer and earned a mention in The Wall Street Journal.

GTE merged with Bell Atlantic in 2000 to form Verizon Communications where Kheradpir initially served as the company’s president of their e-business division. He then went on to become the company’s first CIO/CTO. In 2001 Kheradpir created a mass of small groups whose soul job was to develop new product ideas and follow the 30-day prototype Kheradpir had developed to rapidly test and modify new technology in the development stages. His staff included approximately 7,000 employees who worked tirelessly through long days and deep into the night but they where still in desperate need of more workers at Verizon because of the accelerated pace of his department.

According to InfoWorld it was stated that Kheradpir’s department contributed to the creation and development of Verizon’s FiOS fiber optic video initiative and the related DVR. His team then created iobi in 2003 which was used to manage address books, caller ID and related features across Verizon’s varied devices. The year after his department developed the Verizon One which was a combination phone, modem, router and portable device. Not only did his division create new technology they also took part in advancing and modifying Verizon’s existing core systems such as their call center, website, and automated customer service systems. They also integrated systems from GTE and Bell Atlantic.

Kheradpir left Verizon and joined Barclay’s in January of 2011 as their Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail & Business Bank. There he contributed to the development of consumer related products like Pingit, a mobile payment software. By 2013 he had been promoted to Chief Operations and Technology Officer and became the first tech executive to sit on the board at Barclays. From 2007 to 2010 Kheradpir served on the Advisory Board of the YMCA of Greater New York then between 2010 and 2013 served on the board of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology. Recently Kheradpir has become the CEO of Juniper Networks to continue his career in executive technology.

CCMP Capital: The legacy of Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, a private-equity company, has always been one of the most successful investment companies in many parts of the world that focuses its investments on leveraged buyout and growth capital. However, it owes much of its success to Stephen Murray, whose investment ideas moved this company to the next phase of development.

The history of CCMP Capital
Together with a long history, the company has also changed several names in the last twenty years. It was known as Chemical Venture Partners, and at that time it represented the private equity arm of Chemical Bank, and after that it has changed even more names. The company is now known for integrating one of the most famous private equity companies in the world.

After Chemical Bank was acquired in 1996, Chemical Venture Partners changed its name into Chase Capital Partners, and after that it became J.P. Morgan partners. The company continued to grow thanks to its ability to integrate many important private equity funds, such as Robert Fleming and Company, The Beacon Group, Manufacturers Hanover and many others.

In 2004, One Equity Partners became the primary private equity fund of J.P. Morgan Chase, which led to plans about spinning out J.P. Morgan Chase. The spin was completed at the time when many other private equity companies were doing the same with some of the most popular investment banks, such as Citigroup, Morgan Stanley etc.

About Stephen Murray
The company can attribute its success to its CEO, Stephen Murray CCMP on NYPOST, who has recently passed away at the age of 52. He was working as a trainee at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co, and after several years he was appointed head of the bank’s buyout business.

Mr. Murray got his degree from Boston College, and he has spent the best part of his career working in private equity. He became part of the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation’s training program in1984, after which he was engaged in building successful equity business for J.P. Morgan’s merchant bank. In 2007, he became the company’s CEO, and he helped the company raise numerous funds.

Apart from this, Stephen Murray is also a philanthropist. He supported one New York-based foundation known as Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro, while at the same time being the member of the foundation’s council. Furthermore, he is a supporter of Stanford Museum and Columbia Business School, which further speaks about his achievements.
However, his death surprised many people, and CCMP capital now has to deal with the loss of its key person.

All in all, the company will make every endeavor to continue what Stephen Murray had previously started, and that is to rely on good strategy and leadership, together with its future negotiations. But, it will always remember Mr. Murray as one of the most capable deal makers in private equity sector.