Fabletics: Supporting Breast Cancer

If you haven’t become familiarized with Fabletics yet, now is the time to do so. This collection of fun and unique athleisure clothing quickly became an overnight success three years ago and continues to go strong with their amazing patterns and colors that you won’t find elsewhere. Kate Hudson, popular A-list actress and spokesmodel for the athletic clothing company, recently gave some big news about a new line in her collection. Fashion Targets Breast Cancer made Kate Hudson ambassador and she, without a doubt, decided adding some Breast Cancer support clothing in her Fabletics line would be a great addition.

Kate Hudson knows that Breast Cancer has affected many, whether it is themselves or a loved one. Supporting the cause at https://twitter.com/fabletics was a no brainer for Kate and she used her own creativity to come up with a collection of capri leggings, a bralette and two tops that support the cause and look trendy as well. Instead of using the classic baby pink, she revamped and used her own shade of color, adding depth. This line can be found in the Fabletics collection and will support all of those who have been affected by the terrible disease.

Fabletics is unique in the way that you can subscribe to receive clothing monthly. This is not your typical site, though you can purchase at your leisure if you wish to do so. Fabletics is so popular because everything is a fixed price, where a lot of other athleisure companies charge a lot per piece. All the designs are exclusive to Fabletics, so you won’t find anything like them elsewhere. Athleisure is a huge trend on Facebook, thanks to it’s versatility and trendiness, which is why Fabletics is such a great way for people to add to their wardrobe.

Kate Hudsons addition to the Fabletics line supports a great cause, and she is confident that many will love the new shade of pink. Fashion Target Breast Cancer is a great way to show support to those who have been through a lot with the popular cancer. If you haven’t yet checked out Fabletics, now is the perfect time. New pieces tend to sell fast, so go and support a great cause today and see what all the buzz is about with Fabletics!

How Companies Can Manage Their Online Reputation

Competition in businesses online has resulted to many complexities and different companies are applying clever strategies to keep their customers engaged and one of the strategies that has been in use for a while is the use of online reputation management. Many businesses have failed due to negative mentions and taking too long to sanitize their names.

Initially, it would be difficult to understand what customers are saying about your business but with the growth of online business communities, it is becoming easier to identify what customers want and how they view your business. Website onlinereputationreviews.com reveals that with different tools available, it is easier to manage online reputation since you are able to know whenever a mention of your business is made on any platform.

Burying bad mentions

One of the strategies that have been in use for managing online reputation is using measures that are geared towards burying bad mentions. Very often customers leave their feedback about certain products and if this feedback is in the negative side a business may lose millions in sales.

Other mentions may come through blogs and reviews and these sites are everywhere. Whether the strategies applied are genuine or pure malice, the business should strive to ensure the bad mentions posted are erased within the right time. Using tools that are designed to expose the information is one of the ways businesses can manage their tainted image.

You can either respond directly to the mentions or if it is a website and the post does not offer facts you can use Google to present your concerns. In few instances, businesses approach the author in the hope they will bring the post down, but there is always no guarantee this will work.

Don’t use suppression companies

As an IT Business Edge article explains, most online reputation management companies use suppression tactics to help your business. This in a different view does not help to erase the bad mentions your business has recorded, it is in fact wrong to try and bring other businesses down so you can ride high. These tactics only work in the short run and may bring about conflicts.


David Osio Builds on Philanthropy

When thinking about building up a business and making money, many do not think about giving money away. It feels more practical and natural to pocket money and set it aside to save. David Osio, an expert in finances, has a completely different approach. David, both the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, is a well known and generous benefactor. This professional financial advisor has grown Davos Financial Group into a large company that has reached not just a country wide scale, but has become a world wide company. David has been extremely successful in expanding and developing a strong and fruitful business. With all of this success and growth, he has also found many ways to give back.

David Osio has been labeled as a philanthropist by many. He has been generous in his giving to art and music. There has been great donations made to the MISO, Miami Symphony Orchestra, from David’s company. This is a great way to give to the community, promote music, and simply spread happiness to others. Giving to just this one foundation can have so many positive effects. David takes pride in this and continually gives to the Miami Symphony Orchestra.

Another valuable charity David donates to is the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. These donations help with many opportunities, including the fund of research projects. This research on club footing, fracture healing, scoliosis, and other bio-mechanics can change lives. David Osio believes that giving just a little can make a huge difference and hopes to see others give when ever they have the ability. Not only do the donations go to research, but to education and events. Education is extremely important and expensive, but this foundation gives free education on health topics to anyone in need. The events done by these foundation are to help raise both awareness and money for their outreaches and cooperating organizations. Again, this can be life changing for many people.

All of this benevolent giving is just one step in changing the world. If David Osio feels that he is responsible to make a difference, it may show other accomplished and capable leaders the difference they can make. This ripple effect can change the entire world!

Follow his Twitter: @davidosio1

Learn more: http://www.officialdavidosio.com/



Smart Phone App Rally Venture Capitalists to $21 Million in Series B Round

Venture capital and angel money has been courting the Apps for mobile devices tech sector for the latest innovations. Education is now being revolutionized because of the app mobile device development in educational software. ClassDojo is one such app that raised the cash recently because of the promising potential for its ability to connect the parents of students to the classroom so they can learn along with their children. They can also witness first hand by the mobile device, the real time social activities, behavioral interactions and social development of their children. This will certainly render all special calls to parents to come in for talks with the teacher or principal, obsolete.


The one time per semester meeting that teachers and parents were once bound to will no longer be full of odd surprises about the quirky or questionable behavior patterns of their children during class. Parents will now be seeing everything first hand with ongoing remote participation as observers. It is easy to see why such high hopes and heavy investment in this app took place. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the two co-founders of ClassDojo, will be using the capital to expand the development team and push forward with more content innovations and other features to delight and engage the parents further in their Class Dojo App user experience.


Presently, parents are alerted by teachers who can use ClassDojo to schedule activities that invite parents in from their remote locations. The app also enables parents to take and save photos from periods of school all during the day for posting, sharing and distributing. Video can also be taken for sharing of their children’s most recent school assignments and activities involving class participation.


Although there are competitors in the tech market that are developing apps of similar classification and user experiences, ClassDojo is currently the most widely used by teachers in upwards of 85,000 different schools in the United States. Many are in private schools, charter schools and even in the larger public schools. Amazingly, this app is not generating any revenue for its two founding developers. They were quick to add that they will not be selling the private information about their users to the vast market that craves such details for marketing purposes and more. Instead, that “Privacy is a huge concern,” especially for children, developer Liam Don, emphasized how cautiously they would move forward. The two developers say they do believe they can develop the app with premium features that parents will be glad to pay for.


Find out more about ClassDojo:


How to Carry Out Online Reputation Management for your Brand or Business

It is always advised to leave a good first impression. However, in the case of repeat customers or clients, first impressions don’t count. You need to build a solid reputation over time to maintain the client base and therefore in this article; I’ll focus on online reputation management. What is it? You ask. Online reputation management is the continuous process of controlling what shows up when someone searches your name on Google.
Below I will feature some easy ways in which you can control what shows up on Google through reputation management. I will show you how to promote positive content on the first page of Google while pushing unwanted content further down.

Analyzing your Online Reputation

Google yourself and see what Google displays about your brand. Classify the displayed content as negative, irrelevant, positive, relevant, etc. Once you have analyzed your web presence, you need to commence improving your search results by either adding content or pushing up positive and relevant content desire while pushing down irrelevant content.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, in short, is using keywords in the content to make sure it appears as high as possible in the web search. According to website onlinereputationreviews.com, by using SEO tactics, your content will be easily and quickly found by search engines as well as linked and stored in credible and trustworthy databases.

Search Engine Tools

Use tools such as Google Alerts, which is a free tool that notifies you whenever another website mentions your brand. Google Alerts and such tools can help you stay proactive about your reputation.

User Reviews

Whenever there are user reviews, always expect some people to be discontent by your services or products as a brand.They come hand in hand with positive reviews. You can leverage the user reviews by always responding in a positive and levelheaded manner to the reviews. Avoid engaging in arguments.It is always an opportunity to show customers that you care.


If you follow the tips, you should comfortably be able to influence your online reputation because ultimately it is your duty to maintain a healthy status. You can get more tips on online reputation management here.


Avi Weisfogel Has Made Major Changes To The Sleep Apnea Industry

There are a lot of services in the sleep apnea industry that have been around for a long time, but no one has done as much work in the industry as Avi Weisfogel. He has helped a lot of people with their sleep apnea, but he is also a very charitable man who has been doing work with Operation Smile for years. He goes out into the world to help kids with cleft palates, and he has made sure that these kids can have the normal smiles that they have craved for so long.

Operation Smile has been using the services of Avi Weisfogel for a long time because that is how they are serving so many patients who have cleft palates. He has led teams to give these surgeries, and he has made sure that all these kids have better lives. They are suffering all over the world because of this simple condition, and Avi wants to fix that condition in a way that lets those kids move on.

He has also had many patients who have been able to treat their sleep apnea with his techniques. He wants to be sure that people are not hampered in their sleep because they cannot breathe. Some of these people cannot get any sleep at all, and many of these other people will stop breathing altogether. The issue is that these people need to know that they have something that really works for them.

Avi Weisfogel knows how to help the patient get the best care they can, and he does all of it out of the goodness of his heart. He knows that the kids served by Operation Smile need him, and he knows his sleep apnea patients need help. His plan is to be sure that every person gets what makes their life normal again.

Securus Technologies new Software gives investigators an advanced voice sampling feature

Securus Technologies is the provider of investigator Pro software. This software notes criminal calling patterns or other sensitive issues. I find this software critical in the investigative and correction industry since it alerts detectives on suspicious calls so that they can quickly prioritize investigations. The software is powerful since it comes with an impressive dashboard which automatically collects and analyses a vast amount of information that would have been too intensive to gather and interpret. More importantly, the investigator Pro 4.0 comes with a new software feature that gives the correction industry a means to unravel criminal plans before it is too late.


I find that the most recent addition to the software as critical since it gives investigators the ability to select voice samples from the called party or the inmate. The selected samples can the be used to do a sample search where a similar voice occurs. This should help investigators uncover high-interest and other potential criminal activities through identifying the called parties voice. According to the Chief Operating Officer, the software should create a new dimension in investigations to stop crime before it happens.


The latest addition is meant to combine with other features of investigator Pro. Some of these functions include high-interest calls, 3-way call detection, and intelligence analysis. The high-interest call identifies and alerts investigators enabling them to spend less time monitoring and more time investigating. The intelligence analysis should intercept illicit activities and analyse criminal calling patterns.


Securus Technologies is simply one of the largest players in the detainee and government information management solutions. According to Crunchbase, the company has served correction facilities in about 45 states and helped millions of inmates nationwide. I find the Securus imperative for our security since it has a sole focus on the specialized needs of law enforcement and correction institution. The company itself is BBB accredited and meets BBB standards to make an effort to resolve consumer complaints.




Don Ressler; JustFab and Fabletics Inc.

Don Ressler had been actively passionate about fitness since his college life. He always lived in his athletic wear and hence realized the gap in the athleticism pants. Don Ressler had the ability to pinpoint a gap in the market and try to fill it. It was not different in this case; the yoga pants were always not readily available and if available had ridiculous price tags. The gap fueled the idea of Fabletics Company in 2013 whose CEO is also the co-CEO of JustFab Inc, Don Ressler. The company was labeled the fastest growing Techstyle in 2015. Fabletics announced the opening of up to 100 stores in the next five years.

JustFab Inc being a top fashion e-commerce site had created an excellent platform for the marketing of the Fabletics pants online. Having started in the year 2010, JustFab popularity and significant market share provided room to offer more on Zimbio. The offering of advice to the ever growing clients’ percentage was necessary. They had to provide trend reports and a variety of information to their customers thus helping them is informed buyers.

JustFab product

JustFab had been a leading brand mostly in the female millennial. The company on huffingtonpost.com created an extensive wide range of footwear which included lovely heels and flat sandals that were in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. The JustFab products had extended to cover even the ladies handbags that were available in a glamorous envelope and perforated bucket style clutches. They later had to venture into the jewelry business.

Don Ressler’s experience in the entrepreneur field helped him spearhead the shareholder’s subscription in JustFab. A US capital firm Matrix offered $33 million dollars in 2011 while an additional $76 million was chipped in by other capital venture.

Currently, JustFab is estimated at $1billion after the recent primary capital rose. Its’ great online market has made the company go worldwide in branches thus opening shops in US, France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and other European countries. The affordability and the excellent services offered by the store make it maintain a significant number of VIP members.

FreedomPop Gets Good Reviews and Grows in Popularity

FreedomPop is the best thing for the people that have become interested in making their money count. This is the type of company that gives people the ability to text, call and stream music and videos without paying a fortune for this. There are some monthly restrictions on the amount of data that is used, but it doesn’t matter much for me because I have access to a wireless network in my home and on the job. I think that FreedomPop is the type of company that gives people like me the chance to make my dollar stretch as far as it can go.

What I like the most about FreedomPop is that there is no contract and no commitment. I can cancel at any time. That is music to my ears. There is nothing worse than signing up with someone like Sprint or T-T-Mobile only to be stuck with a bill for the next 2 years if you break the contract. That is such a rip off. That is why I would prefer a company like FreedomPop. This is the type of company that allows me to bring my own device if I don’t have one. I have found that this is the best company in the world because it has helped me to eliminate a $300 phone bill. I was paying for 4 phone bills, and we were still being charged for extra data usage when we went over the allotted 10 GB. I like things better with FreedomPop because it gave me access to a phone service that didn’t hit me with all those crazy types of fees of data.

I thought that this was just a plan that was hot in the United States, but I was wrong. I have discovered that this FreedomPop service is available in as many as 60 countries. I cannot believe that anyone would pay for a cell phone contract when this company is giving people access to free service. I read a FreedomPop review about the Wi-Fi calling and free texting, and I thought that I needed to look into this a little more. I started to hear more people talking and complaining about their old cell phone contracts with other vendors. By contrast, I would hear a lot of praise for FreedomPop. Switching to FreedomPop was a given because this company was receiving such good reviews.


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Hair Products for Future Success


Since the beginning of his career, Chaz Dean had a strong passion for cosmetics. He took a few photography classes and enrolled in cosmetology school. His main focus was on cutting and color. After completing his studies, he worked as a manager at a local salon in Bel-air. The Chaz Salon opened following his departure from his salon. As a matter of fact, many high profile celebrities seek this place as an area of refuge from crazy paparazzi.

Main Product

WEN cleansing conditioners by Chaz not only cleanses and hydrates also repairs broken or damage hair. In addition, customers are often satisfied by their all-purpose feature. The 5-in-1 Wen cleansing conditioner consists of a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-langler, and a cleaning conditioner in one product. It saves time from applying separate products and doesn’t strip natural oils away from hair. Therefore, moisture and strength remains unblemished for a long time.

In order to create a safe and secure environment for customers, there’s a 60 day money-back guarantee for those who received poor service. Wen products are Sephora available and can be ordered online on Amazon.

Article Recap

Fashion and beauty specialist Emily McClure shares her 7-day experience of using the product. She highlights the benefits of using the Wen‘s cleansing conditioner for people who shower and style their hair in the morning. On the other hand, she doesn’t recommend the product to lazy people that don’t style their hair too often.

McClure immediately observes good results during the first three days such as extra shine, bounciness and a large reduction in hair loss. Yet, the oils and flat accumulate in the morning before showering. This gives a messy look to her hair and can build over-time without washing it. Overall she’s satisfied with the experience considering that she has a habit of constantly washing her hair and she often receives good comments from her peers.

For more info, visit http://www.wen.com/why-its-unique.html.