MB2Dental: Working Together to Accomplish More

Dr.Chris Villanueva is a dentist at MB2Dental. His goal is provided other deniers across the nation with support and advice on how to better handle practices. Any of the expertise can range from how to effectively handle administration duties to handling financial matters. He believes that all dentist should strive to work together instead of a part. That way the patient can really be the center of focus.

Dr. Villanueva is responsible for MB2 Dental. He is a practitioner himself as well as the creator of the idea that dentists can help each other. This is an innovative approach to handling the day to day activities of the office. What he does is introduce his concepts on family or couples retreats to other dentists to let them know that they are not alone in how they handle their office tasks. Dr. Villanueva talks about his ideas to these other dentists. If they like what they hear, then they become an affiliate. He has over 1,000 nationwide so far. Dentistry does not have to be boring. The office does not have to be traditional. It is ok to change things up to make the trip to the office or typical work seem more adventurous instead predictable.

In a recent podcast, Dr. Villanueva talked about his approach to modern day dentistry and everyone was in awe. Having fun together, practicing autonomy, growing from each other’s knowledge, and keeping up the latest technology as a huge impact on how day to day dentistry ought to go. This is the way he uses his innovative thinking process to get his fellow practitioners to try something new and think outside of the box. If other dental practices want their practices to continue in growth, Dr. Villanueva can help offer a way to do it. No other dentist has thought these types of approaches before.

It would probably take some getting used too, but once other practitioners get the hang of it, we will see a wave of dental practices experiencing huge growth in patient care and the quality service that comes with it. All practices should consider the model that MB2Dental has set. Dr. Villanueva has a way of getting to really understand what it is like to not just go about things the mundane way. All entrepreneurs seeking to have a dental business should take notes. This will help them greatly.

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An Adept Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a skilled and experienced medical professional. She has been a cosmetic plastic surgeon for 15 years. Dr. Walden works exclusively with cosmetic surgery. Her work is rooted in her desire to build up women, to give them a better quality of life. Indeed she states, “…one of my goals was to help women, to help them improve upon themselves, and the way I saw it, surgery was a way for women to have a better quality of life and a self-confidence they’d never felt.” This goal has driven her to great success within the field. She has often been called on to act as a knowledgeable authority on issues regarding plastic surgery. She has served as a commentator for media giants such as ABC News, and Fox News.

A native of Austin Texas, she attended the University of Texas Medical Branch, where she received her Doctor of Medicine. Ironically, she was salutatorian of her class, despite being waitlisted originally. Dr. Walden worked in New York City for several years before moving back to Austin.

Overall, Dr. Walden is a skilled plastic surgeon with years of experience. Her goals have led her to do great things in the world of plastic surgery, and the broader medical field.

His Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/drjenniferwalden

The Growth Journey of OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the private enterprises in the USA that has been operating for over a century. It first started in the food sector in 1909. The founders or OSI, who were immigrants from Germany, first named the business Otto’s Meat Market. the name has been changing over the years to Otto & Sons (1928), and OSI Industries (1975). The development of its international operations in recent years prompted the management to change it to OSI Group. The company has achieved great success in supplying food restaurant chains with chicken items, pizza, hot dogs, fish products, salsa, vegetables among others.

Its association with food retailers has been the backbone to growing the business from local to international operations. Among these partnerships, is one with McDonald’s which was established in 1955 when OSI Group was operating under the name Otto & Sons. It was at the time when the McDonald’s was starting out under the leadership of its owner, Ray Kroc. Their partnership has lasted for more than six decades. It other partners are Burger King, Papa John’s to mention few.

The company’s focus on becoming the leading supplier is the reason for its current achievements. With operations running in 17 countries now, its future is promising. OSI Industries has built facilities in some of the countries within the Americas, Europe, and Asia. So far, the number of its workforce is at 20,000 an is expected to continue growing as the company expands. One of the core strengths of OSI Group is that it has achieved consistency and standardized its food safety endeavors in all its locations.

The other aspect that has supported its growth is having a good relationship with the people in the communities where its operations are situated. It engages in undertaking to support environmental sustainability and participates in charities that are focused on creating a positive impact on the people within the communities.

The management of OSI Group has recently initiated various projects that are expected to grow the business further. They have acquired international food companies such as Flagship Europe and Baho Food. They expanded the processing capacity in Spain and acquired a processing plant within the state of Chicago.

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Nick Vertucci’s Poker Success Involves Real Estate Skills

Nick Vertucci is an accomplished poker player who has gone up against some of the greats, and came out successfully on the other side. Many of his poker fans may not realize that he has a great background in the real estate market – called a “guru” by some of his believers. Real estate, like poker, can often be a gamble. In fact, there are several key skills in poker that one can learn from working in the real estate world, and vice versa. Nick Vertucci is a fantastic example of the utilization of these skills in both arenas.

Bluffing Wisely

Investing takes a deeply honed ability to read others, and to avoid letting them read you. It’s about going all in when you may not have the best hand, or when Nick Vertucci goes to bat for clients by telling the broker that they need to give a better offer to the buyer because they have other options – even if they don’t. Bluffing has to be done strategically and with the best intentions in mind.

Reading Others

In opposition to bluffing comes the ability to read others and gather the truth. In a real estate transaction, reading others may involve determining if the seller truly has other offers; or in poker, you may be faced with calling the bluff of another. These experiences are very similar and can easily be interchanged.

The Ability to Adapt

Real estate and poker, just like every part of life, require the ability to adapt to change. In these two arenas, changes will be inevitable and unpredictable. Nick Vertucci is even quoted as wishing he had the ability to give the advice “plan for change” to his younger self.

Vertucci’s poker face is a strong one, and he has been known to be successful against the odds in both real estate and poker.

David McDonald: The key component of OSI Group’s progression

David Mcdonald is the current President of OSI Group, one of the worlds largest food providers. With over three decades of experience under his belt, David Mcdonald is widely known to be the cause of the incredible growth and innovation of OSI Group these past years. David Mcdonald’s priority when he entered the company as president was not to change the goals of OSI but to innovate the steps being taken to reach those goals. In an in-depth interview with David McDonald, we get to delve deeper into his mindset in order to better understand how he has been so successful during his time at OSI Group.

How does the “Can Do” ethics of OSI workout at the company?

David states that as a private company, OSI employees are encouraged to be patient and flexible with their projects in order to better serve their clients. This flexibility allows OSI to take the time to create better relationships.

How has the ability to have a large number of employees improve the company?

David believes that the cornerstone of the company is the relationships that employees have with their specific regional clients. Having the ability to maintain a large group of people at these locations can only result in great partnerships and happy clients.

Why is OSI Group so successful in the Chinese market?

If you’re going to be doing business in China, you better understand the culture, says David Mcdonald. The time that OSI took to establish itself in China is one of the added perks of being a private company, the flexibility of time was extremely important in forming a solid foundation with both the client and people as a whole.

Where Chinese technical issues a problem for OSI Group?

The partnerships formed with other companies and government agencies have been a huge help for the establishment of OSI Group in China says David Mcdondald. This is an excellent example of staying patient during difficult times.


The Growth and Expansion Plans of OSI Food Solutions

One of the most recent developments at the world’s leading food provider is the doubling of its annual chicken processing capacity at Spain’s subsidiary from the earlier 12,000 to 24,000 tons. The project cost OSI Food Solutions €17 million. The total capacity of all the firm’s branches now stands at 45,000 tons. The number of employees was also increased with an extra twenty positions to cater to the new development. According to the management of the Spain plant, the expansion was meant to meet the demand for the chicken products in the country. In the last decade, the food provider has recorded a 6% increase in its chicken products. The positive trend is expected to continue even into the foreseeable future.

The UK plant of the organization won the Globe of Honor Award in 2016. The prestigious award was in recognition of its efforts to conserve the environment. The event was organized by the British Safety Council. A total of 18 companies received the award. OSI Food Solutions has a team of experts that is tasked with ensuring compliance with the regulatory framework on environmental management. Kelly Grimwood represented the food provider during the awards ceremony. Different organizations were urged to put in place measures for environmental compliance and enforce them to ensure that all stakeholders adhere to them.

OSI Food Solutions has been ranked among the top companies in the food industry. The organization runs 65 facilities which provide employment opportunities to more than 200,000 people. One of the core values that the firm observes is innovation and that has earned it a competitive edge over the other players in the food industry. By forming good relationships with suppliers, the management of OSI has been able to meet the demand of their expanding customer base.

By now, OSI Food Solutions has earned the loyalty of its customers over the years due to its adherence to high-quality standards. Part of its expansion strategy includes the acquisition of other food providers in its areas of operation. Some of the moves that have changed its fortunes is the acquisition of Tyson Foods, Baho Foods, and Flagship Europe.

Oren Frank Is Excited About The Latest Development With His Talkspace Platform

Talkspace is one of the most exciting startups to hit the healthcare industry in some time and the mental health platform recently just announced a big piece of news that represents the firm’s next big move in its overall growth. The basic concept behind Talkspace is the fact that users can pay a weekly rate that gives them unlimited access to licensed therapists through text or actual talk. This truly revolutionary idea in the world of mental health counselling is now taking its next step forward as CEO Oren Frank has announced that he is bringing in the expert services of Neil Leibowitz, who was formerly the UnitedHealth Senior Medical Officer, as the new Chief Medical Officer for Talkspace. This announcement is huge when placed into the larger picture. Talkspace has already been the proud recipient of some really high praise and some big endorsements from well-known names such as legendary swimmer Michael Phelps. The company will now have the extensive experience and knowledge that comes along Neil Leibowitz’s hiring into this new position. Check the article at Wikipedia to learn more.

One of the major advantages to bringing in Neil Leibowitz is the fact that the qualified physicians that work with the Talkspace platform will be able to start giving out prescriptions to patients in the near future. These prescriptions will be able to be given out using the video tool that is a part of the Talkspace platform. Oren Frank is also excited about the fact that Neil’s extensive experience as well as his significant knowledge will be instrumental in helping to build up the Talkspace business model on its corporate side.

Followers of Oren Frank on the social media platform Twitter are given access to a wealth of mental health information that the Talkspace CEO shares on a regular basis. Topics ranging from recovery from issues of addiction to discussing the kinds of issues that 21st Century teens face in today’s modern world are the exact kinds of issues that are regularly addressed on Oren Frank’s Twitter account.

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Former Aegerion CEO Raises Funds for Women’s Health

Marc Beer has made a name for himself as a venture capitalist in the world of biotech. Formerly the CEO of Aegerion, Beer is now focusing on women’s health with his new company Renovia Inc., which just secured $32 million in funding.


Based in Boston, Renovia is a biotech startup focusing on diagnosis and treatment for disorders in the pelvic floor. This is a potential customer base of 250 million women all over the world. Leva, their flagship product, got approved by the FDA in April of this year.


With the help of Ascension Ventures from Missouri and New York-based Perceptive Advisers, Beer got the Longwood Fund to help secur tens of millions in investments. The Longwood Fund is seen as the ideal partner in this venture given their evolving interest in the healthcare industry. Now Revoia has the funds it needs to ship four new products, including an update to the Leva.


Beer stated his excitement in a recent statement. Now his company can continue forward in updating the healthcare options made available to millions of women. Having their own technologies and new digital platforms, Beer sees a new era of patients being informed by having an increased understanding of pelvic floor disorders so they can make decisions that best fir their needs. Learn more: https://patch.com/massachusetts/boston/renovias-marc-beer-raises-42m-treat-womens-health-issues


Renovia is Beer’s return to venture capitalism since leaving Aegerion in 2015.


About Marc Beer:


Marc Beer is an American businessman and venture capitalist. He graduated from Miami University in Ohio. He was a founded Good Start Genetics, a genetics screening company, and was a member of the Business Advisory Council. This led to the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth and the Bio (Biotechnology Industry Organization) Emerging Companies Section Governing Board. Jumping deeper into the biotech industry, Beer worked sales and marketing for pharmaceuticals at Abbott Laboratories. Before long Beer went to work as Vice President for Genzyme, a company that is dedicated to diagnosing and treating rare diseases all over the world.


Soon the time came for Beer to try his luck running his own company. He founded ViaCell in 2007, a company that dealt in stem cells from umbilical cords. Seven years later, ViaCell had 300 employees and was bought out by PerkinElmer. While running his own company, Beer also sat on Erytech Pharma’s board of directors. This gave him a diverse set of executive experiences that served him well when he met Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias, MD. They created Aegerion Pharmaceuticals and launched in 36 countries on a mission to identify and treat rare diseases. After leaving his CEO position, Beer founded Renovia, a company focused solely on addressing pelvic floor dysfunction affecting millions of women around the world by giving them detailed diagnosis reports and personalized findings that will assist in their selection of products and treatment.

Steve Ritchie is Helping Papa John’s Get Better

In an apology that Steve Ritchie wrote to customers, he talks about the way he plans to run Papa John’s and what he hopes to do for the customers. He has a lot of ideas that might make it easier for him to help people and might make the company better than the rest. It’s his goal to always be transparent with customers and do what he can to make people understand how hard he works to do everything right. There are positive impacts that come from him working with the company and that’s what makes him want to do everything the best way possible. Thanks to his hard work with the company and the options he has for others, Steve Ritchie believes he can make the company better. He also wants customers to know they’re the most important thing Papa John’s has.

Even though it took some time for Steve Ritchie to figure out what he could do with the business, he knew how to make everyone understand the hard work that went into helping the company. For Steve Ritchie, the opportunity to apologize to customers was something that would give him motivation to keep helping them. He always wanted people to see how important they were to the company and that’s why he pushed to make things easier for them. As long as the company stayed in business, the customers would be the best part about it.

There were times when people focused on what the company did and that was not what Steve Ritchie. Instead, he wanted the customers to know what he was doing. He wanted to show them things could be different and he could make it better. Steve Ritchie had a commitment to his company and knew his job as the CEO would give him a chance to try something new. Thanks to his hard work and the work he put into the business, Steve Ritchie believed he had a lot of power to do things right. He always wanted to make Papa John’s a better place and knows he’s now in the position to do that.

Getting up Close and personal with Clay Hutson, an Exemplary Sound Engineer

Clay Hutson has made quite a name for himself as a sound engineer. He is recognized by many people in the music circles and especially where live performances are concerned because of his passion in making sure that anyone he works with goes on stage and delivers an unrivaled live performance. A hard worker by nature, Clay has been known to work as much as 24 hours at a go, which stems from the experience he had early on in his career when he had to play the role of a jack of all trades. Clay Hutson eventually picked up the path of an entrepreneur and has created a massively successful entertainment production company. Here is a summary of the one on one he gave about his career, company and what motivates his vision.

When asked how the idea to start the company was born, Clay states that he had already amassed a large amount of knowledge in his field of sound engineering. He felt that there was no better way to share this wealth of information with the others around him than to venture into live entertainment. He adds that it was a not challenging because the economic season was tough but he is happy he leaped.

When asked how he spends a typical day, Clay stated that it depends on the project he is working on. He added that he was currently working on Kid Rock and that his day started at 6.30 in the morning and involved a lot of planning especially to do lists for the crew.

When asked how he brings his ideas into life, he stated that what helps him the most about the world of sound engineering is that he has an understanding of the things that work, and those that do not work. He, therefore, bases all his designs around these concepts, and everything falls into place after that.

Clay Hutson states that his ability to visualize his stage ahead of time is the one quality which has helped him amass success in his field. He feels that the best thing an entrepreneur can do is work hard and protect their brand from any deals which could ruin their name.